Reasons To Vote Green

by John Youatt, a member of the Green Party in Derbyshire.

I advocate voting not abstaining, despite or rather because of the unacceptable behaviour of many senior politicians – some of whom are apologising, but always conditionally and only after being found out!

Reasons To Vote Green

  • The Green Party would never do cash for luxuries
  • The Green Party advises strongly against endless “progress”
  • The Green Party wants fairer shares (like the Labour Party used to)
  • Government and institutions have already paid the bankers too much, at too high a risk to the survival of life as we know it

European Elections

  • You can vote Green Party in the European election.
  • Because this election uses a form of proportional representation a Green candidate can win and probably will win one of the five places. It isn’t a wasted vote!
  • Please vote for the Green Party.  Sue Mallender is lead candidate in the regional list.

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