Carsington Wind Project

The Derbyshire Times published a letter from John Riddall, a representative of the Ramblers Association, claiming the proposed wind farm at Carsington would destroy the peace and tranquillity that existed at Carsington reservoir.  He also went on to criticise the High Court for upholding the Planning Inspector’s grant of permission to go ahead with the scheme.  As the appeal could only be on points of law, apparently the correspondent was more knowledgeable on the law than the High Court! In response to that letter the DT has published our letter this week.

The Derbyshire Green Party objects to the narrow view John Riddall takes in his support of those opposing the turbines at Carsington  (hardly a ‘Wind Farm’). Carsington reservoir itself has made a far bigger and longer lasting change to the landscape than this relatively small wind project will do.

The “peace and tranquility” he refers to is news to us, as it must be to others.  Visitors are frequently subjected to the noise of bikers showing off the speed and power of their machines.  In addition the Visitor Centre attracts thousands of people who travel there by cars that create noise, danger and pollution on a scale that will dwarf anything created by the wind project.  All partly offset by the joy of sailing — and the sailors  won’t hear the turbines!

Carsington reservoir was built to provide for our ever-increasing consumption (and waste) of water.  Wind power is needed to meet our continuing demand for (and waste) of electricity. When we learn to live within what our island can provide on a truly sustainable basis, then we will find that wind and water power will again become essential to the maintenance of a lifestyle free of the drudgery experienced before the development of electricity.

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