Derbyshire Gets Chance To Vote Green At General Election

The Green Party will stand four candidates in Derbyshire in the forthcoming General Election.

Peter Allen, 49, of Glossop will represent the Green Party in the High Peak constituency. Peter says:

I am delighted that voters in High Peak will now have the chance to vote Green. This election will be the most important in recent times: Britain and the world face a perfect storm as we suffer the worst financial crisis in living memory, while millions of people are losing their homes due to climate change, and the search for continued growth wreaks devastation on the world’s rainforests and ecology. To cap it all, we experience an energy crisis, as easy-to-mine fossil fuels diminish. Only the Green Party offers the right response, with our programme for sustainable living and social justice.

To underline the urgency of Climate Change, Peter will be travelling to London with other Green Party members to take part in The Wave demonstration next weekend. Expected to attract a million participants, this event will demand that the world’s leaders face up to the dangers of global warming now and begin to implement policies necessary to ensure the survival of humanity on the planet.  Green Party leader Caroline Lucas recently spelled out our collective challenge:

We now have to recognise that climate change is potentially the greatest challenge we’ve ever faced. At the same time the measures we need to tackle it, like a massive investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy will actually make jobs, and will help us out of recession.

The other three Green Party candidates in Derbyshire are:

  • Lee Fletcher, Erewash
  • Josh Stockell, Derbyshire Dales
  • Duncan Kerr, Chesterfield

6 thoughts on “Derbyshire Gets Chance To Vote Green At General Election

  1. Is there a facebook page or Twitter related to High Peak Greens?
    I can’t find out any more information anywhere?

    1. Hello Shaun, please join the Facebook page for Derbyshire Green Party. This will include updates for High Peak Greens. Peter Allen, our candidate for MP posts there and on the discussion group. Matthew

    1. Hello Mark. Yes, we are sorry we can’t put up more candidates this time around. Three is an improvement on last time, and with momentum building we hope to stand in Mid-Derbyshire next time. Please consider helping us on the campaign trail in High Peak, Derbyshire Dales or Erewash. Best wishes, Matthew

  2. Hi there – it’s a pity there’s not a candidate for North East Derbyshire too – you definitely would have got my vote if you had a candidate for our area…maybe next time… Don’t think I will be voting because the other parties just aren’t worth a vote! Best of luck in the seats where you have candidates standing.

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