Campaigning in Glossop


The Green Party focused on housing for the start of their campaign in the High Peak. Candidate Peter Allen was joined by Party activists on the streets of New Mills and Glossop, handing out leaflets to highlight housing policy. Peter Allen said,

“The Green Party believes that everyone has the right to an affordable and secure home. We must set out to do this without doing further damage to our environment.”

“The Greens say that where new housing has to be built, it must be to a high standard of energy efficiency. The Greens also point out that better use could be made of the existing housing stock. Local authorities do not exercise the powers that they already have to make owners bring empty properties into use, and in the meantime properties are left empty whilst many people cannot secure an affordable home. It is wrong that wealthy second home owners leave holiday property empty while local people are denied a home.”

Commenting on the response of the people he met, Peter Allen said,

“people were telling me that they had been intending to spoil their ballot papers or stay at home, feeling cut off from politics and disgusted by the expenses scandal. They thanked us for offering an alternative and said they would seriously consider supporting the Green Party, with it’s commitment to environmental sustainability and social justice.”

The Greens will be campaigning in Buxton next Saturday.

2 thoughts on “Campaigning in Glossop

  1. Hi,

    The High Peak Coalition for peace are having a meeting next Wenesday 9th March 7.00pm and would like you to join them at the methodist Church Chapel st.
    Hope you can make it Pete. sorry its short notice

    best wishes

    John Costello

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