The Green Party? That’s Just The Environment Party, Right?


Wrong! It’s about people, the community, and the economy as well.

We don’t just want to save the planet. We want to make life so much better for the people living on it!

Some of the Green’s other policies:

  • A maximum wage as well as a minimum one.
  • Expand the NHS, no more privatisations.
  • British troops out of Afghanistan.
  • Massive investment in public transport and renewable energy, creating hundreds of thousands of jobs and reducing the risk of climate change.
  • More help to reduce global poverty, help poor countries fight climate change.
  • Make the rich pay higher taxes and cut the basic rate.
  • Make the banks, that we bailed out, provide finance to rebuild and transform the economy.

Agree with any of this? VOTE GREEN

Caroline Lucas, Leader of The Green Party, speaking at GP Conference said:

“The people of this country are desperate for change. The only problem is that the main parties haven’t changed. The change the public is demanding simply isn’t on offer from the others. They’re all content with the kind of deregulated turbo-capitalism that has plunged us into recession, and all just as eager to get back to precisely the business as usual that led to the economic and environmental collapse. We are the Party that is ready to address the grave challenges this country faces, from tackling climate change to restoring faith in public services to restoring our reputation as a force for peace and justice internationally.”

Here in Derbyshire:

Peter Allen is Green Party Candidate in the High Peak. Peter says:

“The Green Party offers a programme for a whole new way of living, based on social justice and sustainable development.”

Lee Fletcher is Green Party Candidate in Erewash. Lee says:

“This election is about us, our society, our future. I want to see fairness and justice put back onto the political agenda. A better world for us all.”

Josh Stockell is Green Party Candidate in Derbyshire Dales. Josh says:

“Politics as usual has made our problems, more of the same won’t help us now. Greens offer a different approach, we have to take this, it will work.”

There are Green Party candidates standing all over Britain.

Wherever you are, VOTE GREEN

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