Make Money Work For The Public

The Labour government has learned nothing from the global financial crisis. In thrall to the banks, and behaving as if the UK itself is an offshore banking haven like the Cayman Islands or Jersey, this bankrupt government still cannot bring itself to regulate the banks properly. As a result, the City has returned to business as usual, which is a huge risk for the mass of the British population whose current and savings accounts are still tied up with the banks’ casino-style speculation. Green Party policy is for the banks to be broken up so that they are no longer too big to fail, so that the public purse is not ransacked next time their senseless and harmful gambling spirals out of control.

The Green Party demands a fundamental change to the way money is created. Instead of commercial banks being handed the right to create 97% of the money supply (see references below) and then charging interest to lend it to the public, the creation of money should be taken back in house by the Bank of England. Our money should then be invested in projects which benefit society and the environment, consider contacting an accountant in Loveland to see your options. The bank bailouts have given the lie to the argument that public money is not available – it just needs to be channelled into public investment instead of private profit.

To read the full Green Party policy on money and private finance go to:

“Money Creation, The Great Confidence Trick” Ed Burgi
“Seven Steps To Justice”, Rodney Shakespeare & Peter Challen

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