Josh Stockell Statement On The Environment

Government needs to follow the lead of groups across the country who are looking at how their communities can address climate change and declining oil reserves. In Derbyshire Dales we have Sustainable Youlegrave, Sustainable Bakewell and Transition Town groups in Matlock and Wirksworth all looking at how we can move to low carbon lifestyles through initiatives around renewable energy, energy efficiency, local food production and transport issues. This is the bottom-up approach and demonstrates the support out there for programmes to tackle these issues. On waste, we support increased investment in recycling, creating jobs whilst improving the infrastructure to allow people to do the recycling and move toward zero waste. Let’s do the simple things like free compost bins to anyone who wants one. We would oppose incineration even with energy recovery, as it includes recyclables and plastic. We would like to see local government take a lead on identifying suitable sites for wind turbines rather than spending  tens of thousands of pounds in opposing applications. We support investment in renewable energy production alongside home insulation initiatives and improved public transport and believe this will create thousands of jobs.

Josh Stockell
Green Party Parliamentary candidate for Derbyshire Dales

Josh Stockell is 45 and has two children. He has lived in Wirksworth , where he is self-employed as a joiner and cabinet maker, for 15 years. Josh first stood as a Green Party candidate in the 1980s in Nottingham and he has stood in city, town, district and county council elections. In 2007 Josh was elected to Wirksworth town council where he sits on the planning and environment committee. He is also a community governor at the local junior school where he volunteers as a classroom assistant for one day a week. Josh enjoys walking, is a keen cyclist and plays football regularly. He also coaches a local u16 girl’s football team and is involved in the management of the local skate park.

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