Vote For Positive Policies

It was encouraging that millions watched the ‘Prime Minister’s Debate’. Sadly this was an empty exercise in political point scoring, mostly negative. It failed to address the serious issues that all the inhabitants of our small planet face.

In the ‘Vote for Policies’ campaign, 133,000 people so far have voted for policies without knowing the party label. Of these, 28% have voted for the Greens’ positive policies.  The Green vote is surging in council by-elections, with the Party winning in Suffolk and ahead in Brighton for a Westminster seat.

Greens offer an alternative to cuts, address inequalities of wealth and opportunity, and face up to climate change. We offer a ‘Green New Deal’, an honestly-costed alternative to the failed approach of the ‘Big Three’.

As the Greens are the only other party offering a full UK manifesto, our leader Caroline Lucas should be at the fourth podium, bringing reality to the empty debates. Imagine her impact alongside the establishment parties!

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