Climate Change, The Forgotten Issue?

One issue should dominate this election. It will affect the lives of our children and of their children. It has the potential to disrupt economies and topple governments. It is Climate Change.

Already extreme weather events worldwide are causing misery, death and devastation. The World Health Organization estimates that 160,000 people die each year through disease, drought and flooding caused by climate change.

On present trends, the world’s temperature is set to rise between 3º and 8ºC by 2100. Sea levels will rise, devastating deltas, island states, and putting at risk low-level mega cities like Shanghai, New York, Mumbai and London, creating up to 200 million environmental refugees by 2050. Malaria and other diseases are likely to spread dramatically. Food supplies will become erratic as rain-belts shift.

To highlight this issue and to try to bring it on to the political agenda in Derbyshire, we have organized a meeting in Buxton, to be addressed by Dr. Tom Roberts of the Manchester University Tyndall Centre for Climate Research. Dr Roberts will spell out the realities of Climate Change from a non-party political position. Peter Allen, our parliamentary candidate in the High Peak will then outline the policies we propose to counter the threat.

You are all invited, show that Climate Change matters to you by coming along and – please spread the word.

On Thursday 29th April
At: Buxton Campus, University of Derby, 1 Devonshire Road, Buxton
In: the Lecture Theatre, Room DOG01
Time: 7.30 until 9pm.

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