Campaigning in Chesterfield

The Green team turned-out in force in Chesterfield yesterday and we took the opportunity to talk to market stall holders (there’s been a market on that site for 800 years). With the opening of the new Tescos market trade is suffering badly. As the candidate for Chesterfield I have been asking why the Liberal Democrat controlled Borough council refused to join other towns in seeking powers under the Sustainable Communities Act to levy additional rates on supermarket car parks so that they could fund a town centre retail strategy that would encourage local shops and stalls.

I’ll let you know if I get a sensible answer!

Duncan Kerr

2 thoughts on “Campaigning in Chesterfield

  1. My gut instinct is to support you, lots of good ideas on the website. Trouble is, Lib Dems seem a better half-way house as they look to be on a roll this election. Any move towards PR should benefit the current minority parties.

    Liked the suggestion from John Humphreys’ ‘Today’ interviews in Birmingham this week that a hung parliament was attractive to many people.

    What are you doing to oppose the unwanted/unneeded incinerator at Dunston – a pressing local health hazard and threat to the local community? (

    1. All that glitters…….

      2 questions about the highly polished Lib Dem offer – do they deliver and who will they get into bed with in a hung parliament?

      On the first their record is very inconsistent. Opposed to incineration here but supporting it in Exeter, Plymouth and Essex (Green oppose all incineration as unnecessary), support wind power but voting against schemes in Cornwall, Cumbria, Devon and Worcestershire; against airport expansion, but not in Birmingham, Carlisle, Exeter, Liverpool, Manchester and Norwich, and of course against road building but supporting by-passes in Newbury, Bath, the M74 and in Chesterfield the Brimington and Staveley.

      On the second it looks increasing likely that the golden glitter is turning blue.

      I say don’t mess around, if you mean it green it, a vote for what you really believe is never a wasted vote.

      Take care,


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