Statement Of Support For The ‘Save Cowdale Quarry’ Campaign

The Green Party supports the ‘Save Cowdale Quarry’ campaign to stop the development of this much loved and tranquil site.

The Borough Council has not scheduled this site for development. To consider this application makes nonsense of their own Local Plan. The Green Party calls on High Peak Borough Council to stand up to the undemocratic influence of big business and respect the wishes of those it is elected to represent. If a site is to be made available for this plant, it must be within an existing business development zone.

The Party also questions the value of this unsustainable proposal. Demand for bottled water is falling as people realise the environmental impact of the 13 billion plastic bottles sold in the UK last year. The full carbon footprint of these bottles was 1,300,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide. In this country, we are lucky enough to have drinkable water straight from the tap. We have no need for bottled water.

The Green Party calls on the Borough Council to respect its own Local Plan and to use its resources to attract sustainable business to the area, including that involved in recycling, renewable energy and property insulation.

If you would like to register opposition to the development of Cowdale Quarry please view the planning application on the High Peak Borough Council website and select ‘Comment on this application’.

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