Fair Is Still Worth Fighting For

The Green Party’s general election manifesto referred to a triple crisis faced by Britain and the world:

  1. A financial crisis caused by the uncontrolled speculation of international bankers, including many based in the City of London, interested in quick profits, rather than sustainable development, creating a financial bubble, which was bound to burst and did.
  2. An energy crisis as fossil fuels begin to run out and remaining reserves of oil in particular become more damaging and dangerous to extract
  3. A climate crisis, as global temperatures increase and governments and corporations fail to act, threatening the very survival of humanity.

The “ConDem” government that was cobbled together after the election has outlined a strategy for dealing with the financial crisis not by seeking retribution from the bankers, who continue to pay themselves vast salaries and huge bonuses, but with a budget which increases VAT and plans the decimation of public services.

Caroline Lucas, newly elected Green Party MP in Brighton, has spoken out against the economic destruction threatened by the new  government’s budget:

“Cuts are not an economic inevitability. They are an ideological choice. Politicians of all parties are now sharpening their axes to slash public spending, forcing those on lower incomes, who depend on public services the most, to pay the highest price for the recent excesses of the bankers.

There is a choice. We should ask those best able to pay to foot the bill through fairer taxation. That’s the challenge I’m issuing: for that political choice to be made. It must be clearly asserted that we are not all in this together: that some had more responsibility for this crisis than others, and some benefited more from the boom that preceded it. Those who enjoyed the largest benefits must pay up now. For that to happen, fair taxes, not cuts, must become the new big idea to replace today’s callous and uncaring cuts fanaticism.”

Meanwhile in the Gulf of Mexico, where  oil spills out from the BP rig, and in Northern Canada, where oil is extracted from sand in a particularly ecologically damaging way, the consequences of continuing to rely on oil extracted by greedy and irresponsible corporations  for our energy needs are clear for all to see.

Only the Green Party has the policies and principles required to address the problems facing Britain and the world in these dangerous times. Please consider joining or supporting us.

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