Changing Global Weather Patterns – by David Foster

Further to the posting on the Derbyshire Green Party website ‘global warming increases and so does scepticism’. I believe we are now seeing the first of the damaging effects of global warming. (The severe damage caused to New Orleans caused by hurricane Katrina in 2005 excepted).

New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina

England had a very severe winter in 2009/10 which caused comments to be made in the House of Commons. “If global warming is taking place why is it so cold outside?”  The answer is that we don’t just get a pleasant 2°c warming we get drastically altered weather patterns and storms. While we were enjoying the cold snap Canada who hosted the Winter Olympic game had to import/create snow for the games to take place!

The spring and early summer of 2010 has brought Britain the driest beginning to the summer season for almost 50 years (Figures from the Met Office show rainfall across the UK for the first five months of 2010 averaged 318.99mm, compared to the long-term average of 424.1mm.) Read more:

But we are fortunate that Britain is likely to be much less affected than other poorer regions when the storms really kick in. This year Pakistan and China have suffered some of the worst flooding on record.

At the same time Russia is going to lose much of this year’s wheat production to drought and fires. Over 580 fires are now raging in Russia’s tinder dry countryside. To add to the problems there is now a danger that the forests that have been cordoned off since the time of the Chernobyl because of high radiation will ignite sending a new toxic cloud into the air.

People can debate whether global warming is happening or whether its causes are man-made but one thing is for certain: Mother Nature won’t be joining the debate, she will just get on with it. If we are going to invest in new power generation technology and carbon reduction now’s the time to do it, the changes to our weather patterns are bad enough already. I don’t believe we can afford any further increase in our C02 levels; once the storms begin they won’t be easy to stop.

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