Sherwood Green SOS

Sherwood Green

Generations of Bolsover families have enjoyed the green oasis that surrounds Sherwood Lodge. Although the bandstand has gone, andmore offices have been built, it is still a tranquil park and it’s not too late to stop it being lost forever.

How we can save Sherwood Green?

By law, open land that has been used for 20 years by the public for leisure can be registered. There are over 3,000 registered greens including one beach! The protection lasts forever indeed it is illegal to build on a registered green, even if planning permission is granted. In considering applications the County Council will review evidence gathered from members of the public.

You can give your evidence on our special form available for download here:

Evidence Questionnaire OSS

or by emailing:

Just a few minutes of your time could preserve this green for future generations.

Also, using the link below you can find out how to oppose Morrison’s application to put a large superstore and petrol station on what is now Sherwood Green and Lodge, and to oppose Bolsover Council’s plan to put an office building on Middle Street car-park:

How to object to the Morrison’s application and/or the loss of Middle Street car-park

Use it or lose it

Come and show you care about your green spaces by joining one of our community picnics on the first Sunday in every month starting at 3pm.

Find out more

Members of the Green Party and BADGL have joined with local residents and traders to organise a Public Meeting on Tuesday 8th May at 7.30pm in the North Star Club. You’ll be able to ask questions, meet the District Councillor who is fighting Morisson’s proposal and hear about the campaign.

8 thoughts on “Sherwood Green SOS

  1. Bolsover council are disgusting and show a total disregard of residents concerns over the morrisons idea. The council office is 15 years old now so they need a new one, how old in Derbyshire county offices, at Matlock? I have a sneeky suspicion they are a wee bit older!.I have contacted Denis Skinner over these plans.

  2. Is it just me or does anyone else not get BDC councillors decisions. What is the master plan for Bolsover? I would love our Councillors to tell us, they are very secretive. Not just piecemeal development plans (Morrisons, Bolsover North 1,000 housing development) THE WHOLE PLAN. I think there’s a lot more to come. BDC Councillors want to see Morrisons concrete over Sherwood Lodge, yet their Green Space strategy acknowledges Bolsover is deficient in green amenities. The strategy includes a new Town Park, to be paid for by housing developers. So we will see more of Bolsover’s green environment concreted over. What riles me is the lack of value councillors v residents place on this land. We lose forever an established green legacy, a beautiful public green space with mature trees. An amenity BDC states we are deficient in. Not to mention increased traffic and highways congestion. I hear Bolsover will be one-way to cope with traffic. I live here and I want more of a say in how Bolsover will be developed.
    BDC Councillors say their 15yr old offices are too large and uneconomical for a reduced work force of c200 people, so decide to buy an even bigger building – Clowne Campus. Not even offices, the Clowne site is a £12.5 million purpose-built educational site which BDC now has to spend an unpublished amount of money to turn into offices, Council Chamber, refit, refurb, rebrand, redesign, legal & professional fees, removal fees, increased maintenance and upkeep of a larger site etc. BDC admits Clowne Council Offices will have lots of spare office capacity and intends to rent out space. Easy to say. Do they not see TO LET signs, at Markham Vale, numerous Business Parks across the district and along the M1 corridor.
    BDC will take Morrisons’ money, see Sherwood Lodge disappear under concrete and move to posh new offices in Clowne. But they still need to provide a cash office in Bolsover. Most councils re-use empty shops or offices. Not BDC they want to spend another £2million to build a new office block to house just 7 council staff, plus a Police Station and more offices/meeting rooms for (non-council staff) government funded groups, (whose funds may disappear in the future). By my reckoning Clowne site and a new £2million office block is a hell of a lot of money to accommodate around 207 council workers and Councillors. Tell us Councillors, what is the total cost?
    And balance this against losing a beautiful, legacy green space in the centre of town, potential loss of family businesses with net loss of jobs/rates, increased traffic, unnecessary costs of new council buildings – is it just me?

  3. No Jean it isn’t you…… it’s them. However I think even they are beginning to realise that the people of the town won’t swap their trees and open spaces for a few pieces of gold and a blooming great supermarket. This battle hasn’t even started yet. If they summon up the courage to submit the planning permission we will take apart their case piece by piece and we will win.

    Duncan Kerr

  4. Hi Jean, it isn’t you…its them. However I think the noise from the public of Bolsover is starting to reverberate around the corridors of Sherwood Lodge. Residents now realise that a Morrisons is a poor return for the loss of green open space and a victorian lodge. All your arguments and those of Mr and Mrs Coupe are right, which is why, when they finally have the courage to submit the planning application, we will defeat it.

    Duncan Kerr

  5. I agree with all of the above. What a point about the maturity of the nature in the green. i remember myself and my class mates from age 6 (and i’m 35 now) attending the green and lodge regularly as a student at welbeck road infants school. It was used to teach us about the various different trees and flowers as it always had a vast variety. It was like a second play ground to the school. I remember the bandstand that was and all the joy the place had for me as a child. The walks through and picnics with my family.

    Its a legacy of memories that i’ve passed on to my children and we’ve done the same together, ive shared memories and my children now watch and learn from what’s left of the plants and trees as i did. Especially my 6 year old who i now home educate. Its become one of his classrooms/playgrounds. Learing, exploring and playing. A place to be still, be with nature. A little hideaway from the big, wide,noisy, messy world.

    Its also been the perfect site of the freedom community week for the last 2 years. enjoyed by the methodist church and community.

    This isn’t JUST another small peice of land…..its a peice of history, a part of bolsover’s legacy that’s been used and loved by generations of children, and i for one would like to see my grandchildren enjoy it too. morrisons or not lets at least save a small peice of our history for future gererations before we have no more stories left to tell.

  6. 16 years ago I had my wedding photos done in Sherwood Lodge,had It not been there for me to have them done I would have possibly gone to a different church to get married as from the outset ,that was were I wanted my wedding photos to be taken.I have some beautiful Pictures that were taken there and it will be missed if it goes.I think it should be used again for galas and the such like it used to be

  7. I have notifed the Woodland Trust and they have past on some good ideas and I have passed them on to the save Sherwood Green commitee.

  8. Well the damn plans have been submitted! We have spent the last couple of days sifting through planning documents and drafting out our letter of objection, its nearly there and we intend to deliver it by hand tomorrow – and get a receipt! We have lived in Bolsover for 16years and do not have the memories that many have, of bygone days and experiences of Sherwood Green. Nevertheless, We walk through Sherwood Green regularly, at the moment the smell of the lime tree flowers is delicious. What a crime it would be to lose this site to a Morrisons oversized, ugly supermarket. Also this project would destroy our lovely historic town centre. Pens at the ready everyone, write your letter now. Save Sherwood Green, Save Bolsovers’ unique town centre. Object, object, object.

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