The Spirit Level Film

Katharine Round writes:

“The Spirit Level Film campaign is now live!

Over the last few months we’ve been busily preparing to launch our awareness and fundraising campaign for a forthcoming documentary based on the award-winning book The Spirit Level.

And now the day has come – our campaign page is live at

We need you to help

This campaign is going to be live for 6 weeks only from today, 21st May. The aim of this film is to build a campaign for greater equality, and it has the potential to make a big difference. Film has become one of the most effective ways of raising awareness, influencing public opinion and policy change: we want to do for the public understanding of the ways inequality damages us what An Inconvenient Truth did for the public understanding of climate change.

But in order to make this film happen we need you to support it now. Here’s how:
Join Us – in spreading the word. We want as many people as possible to be sharing the campaign page today. If we can get hundreds of people sharing through Facebook, Twitter, and social networks imagine what a message it will send about public support for this issue. This will help us raise awareness of our campaign aims, start putting pressure on politicians, and help us attract the money to get the film made.

Pre-Buy your copy of the film now – one of the easiest ways to support us financially is to pre-buy a digital download of the finished film in advance. Just 2,500 people need to pay £12 for the film now, and we will have raised our budget! Of course, if you want to donate more you can – and we have a whole range of attractive perks on our campaign site (from signed copies of the book, to tickets to the premiere!)

So, please help us to get the message out by sharing this email and our campaign site

Why is this campaign so important?

This campaign aims to raise awareness of how inequality affects us and help to launch the documentary, so we can get the message out to millions more. The Spirit Level book showed how nearly all social ills – stress, poor educational performance, high crime rates, unwanted teenage pregnancies – are more common in those societies with a big gap between rich and poor. What’s more, in these unequal societies people die younger, they have more fragile economies, and they are a greater threat to the future of the planet.

Our aim with the film is to engage people who might not pick up a book and read about inequality to understand more about how it affects them, and what can be done about it. And our ambitions are high: we want to make a difference, change the political debate and government policy.

Films such as these are rarely funded by studios or broadcasters, who prefer to focus on more entertainment driven projects. However, this campaign wants to make a statement as much as it wants to raise money. We want as many people as possible to be part of it – as this will also show just how much public support there is for the issue and put pressure on politicians to move beyond lip-service to real policy change. We believe a better life is possible for all of us, and if we work together we can get the message out and make change happen.

Please do get in touch with us if you have any suggestions, would like any resources for your blog or website, or simply want to say hello! Our email is

Thank you for being involved”

Katharine Round
Director, The Spirit Level Documentary

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