“We’re not all muesli knitters- meet the Green Party”

Green Party Deputy Leader to address People’s Assembly in Nottingham.

East Midlands Green Party Blog

Will Duckworth, our deputy leader, will be in Nottingham on 18th May. There will be chances to meet him and local Green Party members at The Orange Tree after he speaks at Nottingham People’s Assembly. Fresh from supporting the strong green presence in Norwich on their election days, he will be coming to another hive of activity here in the East Midlands. Will is to be one of the key speakers in Nottingham’s People’s Assembly, leading into a national gathering on 22nd June in London. The Nottingham People’s Assembly event runs from 10:30 to 5pm on with the closing rally between 3-5pm.  People’s Assembly came of the cross-organisation ‘Coalition of Resistance’ that the Green Party has been involved in from the start. It is part of a united stand against austerity and for alternatives and our voice is core. The event will be held at The Friends Meeting House, Clarendon…

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