UKIP – The rise of racism

East Midlands Green Party Blog

In times of crisis people can stick together or they tend to start blaming each other. With the country experiencing the longest economic slump for a century, the rise of UKIP as a party based on blaming others is hardly surprising. Sadly the government seems intent on policies blaming its own citizens, and the poorest in society.

The government has consistently blamed the welfare system for our deficit. Greens believe the deficit could be addressed if the government were to close down tax havens and end corporate tax avoidance. The crisis was not caused by welfare, public services or anyone on benefits; the crisis was caused by a greedy and unregulated casino banking system.


Whilst the government blamed those on welfare, UKIP has hijacked the “debate” by blaming the EU and immigration for our economic problems.

The recent county council elections have unfortunately shown that UKIP’s strategy has been…

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