Genetically Modified Futures?

East Midlands Green Party Blog

A blog post by Mike Shipley of Derbyshire Greens regarding his thoughts on the politics of GM food :

Tories are pushing the EU to accept Genetic Modification

The Tories are at it again, putting corporate interests ahead of  public well-being.  This time it is Owen Patterson, the Agriculture Minister, who is acting in the interests of the big Agrochemical companies who want to launch GM crops onto the European market.  The EU takes a cautious approach to GM, with some countries maintaining an outright ban.  The Conservative Party in the UK  has been working for years behind the scenes to try to get GM crops accepted using its MEP’s to do all they can to weaken the regulation of GM products from the EU.

Why are they doing this, in the face of public opposition and unease among the farming community? Simply for profit.  If GM is launched in…

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