Grean Leaves – Hope Valley Newsletter

Fracking carries immense risks to the environment and in providing a short term fix to the energy situation will have a devastating effect on many peoples quality of life now and in the future.

Fracking Site
Initial infrastructure at Barton Moss,
Greater Manchester

Fracking is banned in many European countries but our government is actively encouraging it, and giving misleading information in support.

Fracking will not decrease fuel bills in this country – even George Osborne has admitted this. The cost of extraction is likely to be much higher than in the US and we are part of a European energy network – the gas will simply go into the energy pool and be sold to the highest bidder.

Comparing production in this county to the US is wrong – we are a very much more densely populated country – it is inevitable that fracking will impact hugely on people both local to the sites and more also widely because of the volume of traffic which the process will entail. 

We must work together to Stop it before it Starts. 

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2014-03 Green Leaves 1 – colour

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