3 thoughts on “Getting the Fracking Facts Right

  1. Im in activist in my country in Mexico against Fracking, wein i see this video i cudent belive this is happening were i live. Imfrom maltock, The North of Mexico is now having earthquackes in scale of 5 and they just starting, the nosrth zone is semi desert we dont have natural earthquackes. But is not just that every single part in USA problems have arise, the invironmental impact is devastating, the residuals of the fracking that they dont know what to do with and that they contaminate the soil, the soil became dead, tha cancer arrtive, the water all get contamineted, and is so expensive and impractical the extraction that is none benefit at all.

    1. Ana Lilia, these are very interesting points. We have a meeting in Hope Valley College in Hope, not too far from Matlock on 3 April at 7.30pm. It would be good if you could come to it and share your knowledge with us.
      You can get in touch with us on the ‘Contact’ page..

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