Greens Challenge Channel 4

Matthew CropMatthew Bain Challenges Channel 4

“In the wake of Channel 4 broadcasting Martin Durkin’s hour-long tribute to Nigel Farage (‘Nigel Farage: Who Do You Think You Are?’) which the Daily Telegraph described as “so cloying even UKIP fans would find it sickly”, I hope that Channel 4 will now consider making a documentary tribute to Caroline Lucas.

Unlike Farage, Lucas is an elected MP who has been voted into Parliament, not just the creation of a media hype storm. Unlike Farage, Caroline Lucas represents a real breakthrough in British politics, bringing the Green point of view into the mainstream, not just representing a retrograde group of little Englanders. Unlike Farage, the Green agenda that Caroline Lucas pursues is of utmost importance to the wellbeing and survival of our species, not a series of parochial and petty whinges. Unlike Farage, Lucas’ Green approach seeks to unite people across Europe and the world in defence of a common enemy – climate change – not divide people and set them against the poor and downtrodden.

serious_about_climate_change_splash_860x305Moreover, Caroline Lucas is willing to put herself on the line and get arrested in defence of what she believes in — out there on the front line, not in the snug bar like Farage. And Caroline Lucas is a woman who has come up from the grassroots of politics through her own hard work and intelligence, though Channel 4 probably don’t care about that as you clearly prefer to give free party-political broadcasts to Farage, an ex-merchant banker who consorts with Murdoch and is funded by the same dodgy money as our other useless politicians. I sincerely look forward to watching an hour-long Channel 4 film on Caroline Lucas, who in my opinion is the finest politician operating in this country today, but I won’t hold my breath.

Yours faithfully,

Matthew Bain

2 thoughts on “Greens Challenge Channel 4

  1. Not much chance I fear. Channel 4 doesn’t have a good reputation for supporting Green stuff. Martin Durkin even less so! He made the film, “The Great Global Warming Swindle”, which repeatedly asserted that man-made global warming is “a lie” – broadcast by Channel 4 of course.

  2. Durkin was also responsible for Against Nature, another Channel 4 gem that completely misrepresented and misquoted environmentalists. In the end Channel 4 were shamed into broadcasting a discussion between Durkin, George Monbiot and other environmental campaigners – the nearest they got to an apology.

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