Greens accuse LibDems of ‘misrepresentation’

East Midlands Green Party Blog

The East Midlands Green Party has stated that the Liberal Democrats claim to be the only party ‘standing up for Britain’s membership of the EU’ is a misrepresentation.

‘The LD’s are trying to give the impression that all other parties in this election want to come out of the EU and that only they favour continued membership. This is simply not true’, said KB, the Greens lead candidate in the East Midlands.

‘In our freepost leaflet we say that we need a very different, reformed European Union, a Europe that supports local communities to make decisions for themselves, that reins in the power of the giant global corporations and helps ensure they and rich individuals pay their fair share of taxes. We also think that it needs to be a more democratic Europe, with the European Parliament, where we hope to have increased representation given more control over unelected commissioners…

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One thought on “Greens accuse LibDems of ‘misrepresentation’

  1. If it is true that the LibDems did indeed officially state something that was untrue, in order to get votes, then that is unacceptable. It is precisely the sort of thing which brings the business of politics into disrepute and puts people off.

    There should be some procedure to put such untrue claims right and for those making untrue claims to be sanctioned in a way that makes it not worth the candle to lie.

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