Gaza Day of Rage – London Rally – Saturday 9th August, 2014

Two Derbyshire Green Party members attended the London Rally. Charlotte and Tony give a short report in words and pictures.

As you know from the press it was really big, the organisers reckoned about 150,000. We got to Hyde Park at about 3.30 pm and it was already full with people arriving all the time.

Natalie Bennett Gaza RallyAs we were marching we saw a few Green Party banners and only one other party banner being Islington Labour Party (Jeremy Corbyn was the final speaker). There was such a variety of people, we were pleased to see Jewish people bravely joining in the appeal to Israel to end the violence. A young Jewish student addressed the crowd at the start of the rally at the BBC. He reminded us all that the lesson of history is that it is wrong always to turn a blind eye to crimes against humanity. With the civilian death toll in Gaza over 2000 people, 400 of them children, it is difficult to know what else to call this action by Israel.

You can see his speech in the Stop the War coalitions report from this link

Speeches had already started when we got to Hyde Park, good points were made by Seumas Milne and Owen Jones (guardian journalists) Natalie was also one of the speakers.  She talked about stopping arms sales and the humanitarian suffering.

To listen to Natalie Bennet’s speech click below. Recorded by Martin Francis.  Apologies for the sound quality

So a good day, let’s hope the government does actually realise the strength of public feeling and stop tacitly supporting Israel, including the selling of arms,

To catch the mood of the day watch this short video put together by Tony Youens

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