What Integrity is Left?

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Greens are changing the political conversation with our push against the shift to the right of other parties. A sure signal of success can be seen in Labour’s uneasy recognition of the “Green surge”. They have created a national anti-Greens unit, headed by Sadiq Khan, to bring the left to heel. Instead of re-examining their abandoned roots they are using misdirection to discredit Greens, with highly dubious and hypocritical stabs at Brighton and Hove high on their agenda. As one of the East Midlands’ Green Party candidates (for Nottingham East), I thought hard and spoke to my family at length before standing. It was always going to be a challenging journey. For ever increasing numbers of us, striving within the Green Party is a stand we feel the need to make proudly, together. I knew we would battle being ignored and that, if we did well, we would be under…

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2 thoughts on “What Integrity is Left?

  1. Hi Cora,
    Thank you for your comment. I have been re-blogging posts of interest from East Midlands blog to Derbyshire GP especially around the time of the Euro Elections. However, I have now checked with the committee and will not be re-blogging any more at present so you should only get specific Derbyshire Green Party blogs from the Derbyshire website. I don’t know why you got three, presumably you follow another Green Party site. Best wishes, Jean

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