Dr Marianne Bamkin – South Derbyshire Constituency

Personal Candidate Statement for the General Election 2015

Mariane BamkinYou could describe me as a secret Green. I have lived my life according to good, Green, environmental principals since I was a teenager, therefore, for at least the last 40 years. I garden organically, at home and on my allotment; I have re-used, recycled and upcycled; I have installed solar panels in order to contribute to sustainable energy; basically, quietly doing my own bit towards a sustainable future. However, I have decided to come out of the closet and take direct political action so that voters in South Derbyshire are given the opportunity to vote for the Green Party.

I am a Doctor of Philosophy in Information Science as well as a qualified librarian, teacher and nursery manager. I am a passionate believer in Equality, Open Knowledge and Knowledge for All. I believe in a world where all people are allowed the same opportunities of health, work and education, despite differences in gender, race, or ability. I consider that humans are only a small part of our planet and we should tread gently amongst the multitude of other plant and animal species, doing no harm as we pass through this world. As a parent and grandparent, I feel the responsibility to teach our descendants to protect their environment, including scientific moral responsibility and scientific progress towards minimum environmental impact.

I have taken an active role in my local community and, here in Weston-on-Trent, I was a Parish Councillor for four years. I am and have been a committee member of several village organisations and been part of successful campaigns to extend the school and the village hall and to improve the recreational facilities for children and young people in Weston and Aston. More recently, I have been involved with national campaigns to prevent the closure of public libraries. I am a confident and experienced public speaker and able to frame logical argument.

I have become gradually more politicised over the past five years as I have realised that the current governmental coalition are seeking to disenfranchise the people of Britain and establish central governmental control by removing decision making powers from Local Government and erecting barriers to free and accessible sources of information. I believe that the economic theories being used to promote the concept of ‘Austerity’ are flawed and not well thought through, leading to a greater social divide between the rich and the common man. I feel that current major politicians are lacking in moral convictions and their shallow attempts at vote catching will not be translated into the public good.

I want to stand as a parliamentary candidate for the Green Party for the two following reasons. Firstly, I am a doer, a person of action and I want to change the current political situation. Secondly, the Green Party core principles and manifesto accord with my general views and convictions; and I believe that they are the right ones to reform politics in the UK.

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4 thoughts on “Dr Marianne Bamkin – South Derbyshire Constituency

  1. Dear Marianne,
    I live in South Derbyshire, and believe very strongly in protecting our wildlife, so would be very interested to know your views on issues such as the Badger Cull, the Hunting Act and if you would be prepared to support a Nature and Wellbeing Act? Many thanks, Liz.

  2. Shame you have not replied to the above comment!

    Just found it hard to find out who I could vote for having not seen any Green Party campaigning in my area (South Derbyshire)

  3. Hi Liz and Mark, I am sorry that this reply is coming so late, I did give a full reply to Liz’s comment some weeks ago, but it somehow, unknown to me, did not get uploaded. So, in brief, I am totally against badger culling and consider that a programme of vaccination is a far better solution, I am against fox hunting and would not support it’s reintroduction and I fully support a Nature and Well Being act. Just to make sure that everyone knows this I will write a blog about it.

    As for campaigning, we have been out and about in Swadlincote, Melbourne, Aston, Weston, Woodville and Boulton Moore and I have a campaign blog (http://bamkingreen.blogspot.co.uk) and facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/MarianneBamkinGreenParty). We (the South Derbyshire Green Party) are very new and currently few in number, any help would be appreciated.

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