Ian Sleeman – Derby South candidate

Ian Sleeman – candidate for Derby South

I have made Derby City my home since moving here to work for Rolls-Royce. As an Engineer I am taught to find and solve problems, and this mindset applies equally to problems within our society. And there is a lot to be concerned about.

The country has been hurting for years under a Government devoid of compassion, but more than anything else it is the environment that concerns me.

There is still time to avert the worst effects of Climate Change if as a society we act quickly. However the Government has acted to slash solar subsidies and increase subsidies to fossil fuel companies based in the UK and overseas. That is the kind of overseas aid we need to stop.

Pollution from fossil fuels is already causing serious health issues and shortening life expectancy, and Derby City is one of the top 5 worst UK cities outside of London for air pollution. Air pollution is a political choice not a necessity. As MP for Derby South I would fight to reduce the harm caused by the Sinfin Incinerator, and prioritise the introduction of a low emissions zone in the worst affected areas in the city.

We in the Green Party are radical and courageous, but also able to negotiate and compromise when necessary to find solutions. We focus on fighting for our principles and policies, not firing personal jibes at our opponents. A vote for the Greens is a vote for a different kind of politics.


2 responses to “Ian Sleeman – Derby South candidate

  1. I hope that at some stage soon you expand on this and address other issues- improving the condition of properties in the private rented sector and increasing security of tenure, enforcing minimum wage and advocating a real living wage, recycling v fly tipping, a good local state school for every child, public ownership of the transport system… I could go on! If you don’t broaden your appeal you will just get the usual hard core Green vote. I hope you will be out canvassing and broadening your base and support in Derby South.

  2. @overhere1, thank you for for your comment. I have deliberately kept this post concise and have focused on the issue that concerns me most – the environment. However I completely agree that the Green Party is about much more than that, and I will be using candidate hustings as the principle means of communicating on a broader range of subjects. The first hustings event is this Wednesday evening, 7pm, at Derby Cathedral.

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