Matthew Buckler – Derbyshire Dales candidate

Matthew Buckler candidate for Derbyshire Dales

I’ve lived with my family in Matlock for 12 years and am really happy to have made the Derbyshire Dales my home. My children were born at the Whitworth hospital, sadly a victim of the coalition government’s NHS cuts.

I’ve had a lifelong affinity with nature and the natural world and studied ecology at the University of Sheffield. I currently work in the Peak District, looking at how we can repair damaged landscapes and increase both our Natural Capital and biodiversity. I love finding creative solutions to large-scale problems, and see many in how our society is being run at the moment, with increases in health and wealth inequality and a significant decrease in democratic legitimacy. I am a passionate believer in working together to identify what we have in common and resolving issues together, whether that be through trade unionism or internationalism.


2 responses to “Matthew Buckler – Derbyshire Dales candidate

  1. Yvonne Marceau

    Dear Matthew,

    I don’t seem to be able to find an email contact address for you so am putting my question in the comments column here….

    I live in the Derbyshire Dales constituency and currently am undecided about where I cast my vote.

    If the Conservative Party win the General Election, and it looks quite likely that will be the result, they have pledged to hold a free vote in Parliament on bringing back hunting with hounds.
    Please can you tell me which way you would vote? Would you vote to restore fox hunting, or would you vote against and maintain the status quo?

    The answer to this question will help me to decide what I do on 8th June.

    Many thanks.

    Best Regards, Yvonne

    • Matthew Buckler

      Dear Yvonne,

      Thank you very much for your interest in my campaign and I apologise for the delay in getting back to you.

      The Green Party is completely opposed to all forms of hunting for fun and would oppose any move to lift the ban on fox hunting.

      Best wishes,
      Matthew Buckler

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