Marten Kats – candidate for South Derbyshire

Marten Kats – candidate for South Derbyshire

I’m 36 years old, male and was born in The Netherlands. I’ve been living in Derbyshire for many years now and made it my home. I want to be able to stand up for the area in Parliament, which is why I’ve put myself forward as a Parliamentary Candidate. I work in export finance and outside of work I’ve been involved in various local organisations, like Derby Stand Up To Racism and Derby Animal Rights. I’m an active local campaigner on issues I care about, such as animal rights, racism, environment, fracking, the NHS and education.

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One response to “Marten Kats – candidate for South Derbyshire

  1. I’m so happy there is a green candidate this year and normally I’d smack a great big vote on the paper, but we really need to make sure Corbyn gets in and so I need to vote labour, but please please stay in there for the next election we need you to be heard.. have a lovely weekend.

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