2021 County Council Elections


The Green Party is making great progress across Derbyshire with more candidates, more money and more organisation than ever before. We are steadily leaving our status as a ‘minor party’ behind.

We are standing candidates in 4 of the 6 county divisions in the Dales, with a particularly exciting contest happening in Dovedale.

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If you live in Masson or Wirksworth district wards (both in Wirksworth county division), we are also standing candidates in both district byelections.

Our Candidates



Dovedale division is a very exciting contest for us.

Neil Buttle

The Green Party candidate is Neil Buttle and he is currently District councillor for Tideswell.

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We have negotiated a stand-down pact with the other opposition parties in Dovedale and this election is a straight head-to-head between the Greens and the Tories.

A pact like this is a huge step forward in our attempts to break Tory hegemony on the county council, and the vast majority of the credit for it goes to Neil himself. Neil is standing on a platform of working cross-party to achieve our aims and this achievement is proof of his intent and abilities.

We have shown we can win with our 5 district councillors across Derbyshire since 2019, and with a clear field in Dovedale we have never seen a better opportunity to follow up by breaking through onto the County council.



John Hill

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Facebook: JohnHillforAshbourne



John Ward

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If you live in Wirksworth or Masson district wards (both in Wirksworth county division), there are also district byelections.

Wirksworth district byelelction


Richard Rowlatt

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Masson district byelection


Mark Stanley

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Christabel Holland

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Facebook ChristabelHollandforMatlock

 Bakewell and Derwent Valley 

To serve our wider aim of gaining influence across Derbyshire we have negotiated a pact with the other opposition parties in Dovedale, Bakewell and Derwent divisions and a single opposition candidate will be fielded in each. We are contesting Dovedale division where our candidate is district councillor Neil Buttle.

Therefore there will not be Green candidates in Bakewell or Derwent Valley for you to vote for this time.

We realise that this will be disappointing, but we hope you understand it as a pragmatic decision to help drive the Green agenda more generally. Hopefully it foreshadows a future that includes constructive consensus-building, proportional representation and cross-party commitment to protecting the environment.

If Neil and either of these candidates are elected to the County Council on May 6th, we think they would often find themselves on the same side.



We endorse Peter O’Brien, the Labour candidate. Peter is a colleague of Neil’s on the district council and is a committed local councillor, campaigner, and volunteer. He shares our commitment to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030. Our parties have voted together, in opposition to the Tories, in support of affordable housing and local bus services, campaigning to ban disposable BBQs in vulnerable moorland, increasing support to people forced to isolate with Covid 19, and several other issues.

 Derwent Valley 


We endorse Claire Cadogan, the Liberal Democrat candidate. The Liberal Democrats share our views on many things, notably Europe and electoral reform. Their social and environmental policies, while timid by our standards, are way more progressive than Conservative ones. Claire is a marketing consultant with focus on small local businesses, a trustee of Citizens Advice Derbyshire Districts and school governor. She has spoken of her commitment to protecting the environment and returning integrity and honesty to politics. In particular, having been the victim of it herself, she is as committed to tackling flooding as we are.

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