Amber Valley Greens

sueActivists in the newly formed Amber Valley Green Party are targeting Belper’s North ward in the local borough council elections.
The ward is being fought by Sue MacFarlane who won 515 votes when this seat was contested last year.
With the sitting Tory councillor only getting 647 votes in the local elections in 2012 it is very much a seat which could be won.
A newsletter was delivered to every home in the ward in February and teams have been out knocking on the same doors for the last two weeks and have met with an encouraging response so far.
Leaflets will be delivered in a final push in the next two weeks and the hardworking activists are delighted to have had help from other groups in the Midlands – notably the High Peak group.
The Amber Valley party has also fielded a full slate of 14 other candidates in all seats up for election this year, so anyone in the borough who wants to vote Green will have the opportunity.

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Election leaflet and candidates