Andreas Christodoulou – Green Party candidate for Spondon

I am a Spondon resident and 
chartered accountant living on 
Dale Road. I enjoy walking in 
Spondon’s beautiful countryside 
and want to see the village’s 
green space preserved. 
I will be a strong voice in the 
council for financial standards. I 
want to work to change Derby 
Council’s reputation for waste.
The A38 development is due to cost £250m, cut down thousands of trees and make air pollution worse. 
Houses and gardens will be under compulsory purchase – destroying communities and increasing 
the likelihood of delays and cost overruns. 
We don’t need to expand roads before we understand the full impact of working from home post-COVID. As your councillor, I will work to oppose this construction and the disruption it’ll bring to our town.
We have an amazing post-COVID opportunity to rethink about the way we live, and improve our towns and cities. I want to use this opportunity to make Derby safer and easier to walk and cycle around. 
Exercise is brilliant for both mental and physical health, and keeps pollution out of our air. I want to see 
a network of cycle lanes, and outdoor spaces made accessible for all – including young children and 
wheelchair users. 
In particular, Dale Road has no pedestrian crossings after the town centre – as I’ve been hearing at the 
doors this does make it hard for some people, as it’s a busy road. I want at least one additional crossing on Dale Road, to make it safer to get around our town, and safer for children to get to school.
Stop the A38 expansion. 
More bins around our parks and open spaces. 
Strong environmental protection for residential and commercial planning in our town. 
Make our streets safer for walking and cycling – let’s get active again!
Oppose the building of 200+ houses by Spondon Woods by Erewash Council. 
Increase funding for domestic abuse support – demand for which has increase in the pandemic. 
Keep the £42m Moorways swimming pool operating under council hands – not outsource it for private profit.

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Promoted by Helen Hitchcock at 60 Moss Street, Derby, DE22 3WE on behalf of Andreas Christodoulou, 140 Dale Road, Spondon, Derby, DE21 7DH.