Press release: Dunston Grange

The Derbyshire Green Party are extremely concerned by the proposed housing development at Dunston Grange.

William Davis are proposing to a further 500 new properties on the green fields alongside Dunston Lane and adjoining the new 300 Skylarks development.

This application fails to address the National Planning Policy Framework – sustainability goals – in particular the environmental objectives.

The outline plan abjectly fails ‘to protect and enhance our natural, built and historic environment; including making effective use of land, improving biodiversity, using natural resources prudently, minimising waste and pollution, and mitigating and adapting to climate change, including moving to a low carbon economy’.

This large new housing estate would bring increased traffic to Dunston Lane and the junction onto Dunston Road, as well as through the current Skylarks development, potentially causing delays to emergency service vehicles; and increasing levels of pollution in the local area.

The formal response to the proposal by Derbyshire County Council highlights the potential impact the development would have on local amenities, such as the schools, parks and doctor’s surgery. All could struggle to cope with such a potential influx of new local residents.

Additionally, the responses by both Derbyshire Wildlife Trust and the Borough Council’s own Climate Change Officer, highlight the proposals shortcomings in dealing with the current climate emergency and potential significant loss of biodiversity and habitat for wildlife. Having declared a climate emergency over two years ago, it is incumbent on the Borough Council to ensure all developments do not make the situation worse by, for example, increasing CO2 emissions.

The Chesterfield and North East Derbyshire Green Party agree that new affordable housing for all is essential for our area, however, these developments should be built on brownfield sites, wherever possible, of which there is ample supply within Chesterfield Borough.

Derbyshire Green Party are happy to work with and on behalf of local residents, to strongly oppose this development.

Promoted by Darren Yates on behalf of the Green Party, of The Biscuit Factory, A Block (201), 100 Clements Road, London SE16 4DG

Derbyshire Green Party Press Release: The Biodiversity Crisis and DCC’s Response

Derbyshire County Council leader, Barry Lewis, recently posted a YouTube clip in which he announced his intention to schedule a conference later in the year in order to discuss the future of Derbyshire’s grass verges. Derbyshire Green Party welcomes the beginning of this conversation as it has for a long time been campaigning for the wild flowering of verges and the rewilding of green spaces. Following the announcement, DGP have released the following statement.

Candidate Q&A

In the run up to the local elections, Bolsover, Chesterfield and North East Derbyshire Green Party are hosting a Candidate Q&A which will give you the chance to question those who are representing you. The candidates are keen to share their vision with you as well as litening to you and hearing which local issues you want them to tackle. Come along on Thursday 15th April at 7pm and get involved – sign up to the online event here

In preparation for the event the Bolsover, Chesterfield and North East Derbyshire have published their manifesto and local plan, the document sets out a bold vision for Derbyshire and the exciting progress the local greens will achieve for our communities once elected. If you’d like to read the manifesto it is available here

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday 15th April at 7pm : )