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Green Party manifesto: “It does all add up – the Financial Appendix”

How will we pay for our ambitious, fair and positive policies and proposals?

2 MINUTE BUDGET 2015 to 2020             a summary of the GPEW Financial Appendix

Our exciting manifesto of 47 items (see appendix) is costed above baseline at          £  723.0bn 

The total new income and savings is                                                    £  723.0bn

Savings                                                                 £ bns           (project 5 years        total)

  1. We will kill two outrageous vanity projects :-

# HS 2/3 (but support sensible rail projects)                                   10*              (50)

# Trident and nuclear energy                                                          30.0             (100)

  1. We will reduce the roads programme                                    7
  2. Govt efficiencies                                                                          6
  3. The rest                                                                                         3

 Total savings                                                                                    106.0

* HS2. This is based on figures in HS2’s corporate plan and doesn’t include costs of objectors consultants, studies, lobbyists, lawyers, third parties and political time over 5 years

Recovering taxes

  1. We will support Osborne’s and Ball’s new enthusiasm for recovering

unpaid taxes, and make it stick, for ever, not just for the election            90.0

Fairer greener taxes              

  1. We will tax ‘financial transactions’ at a very low rate but a very

high yield, and damp down the over-fast trading markets.                        77.0

  1. We will relentlessly seek fair contributions from the assets and incomes

of the super rich; fairly tax the so called success payments to the

financiers – obscene salaries, bonuses etc                                       87.0

  1. We will tax aviation fuel and add VAT 0
  2. We have 20 other green taxes see appendix together with the above

 Total taxation of those who can afford it                                       617.0

Fairer pay

  • We note that low wages are invested in the local economy.

High wages are invested in the global economy and in tax avoidance.

We will seek a living wage of £10 per hour thus saving tax credits   included above

  • We will set a limit on top pay of from 10 to 100 times the lowest pay in all organisations

This will enable a progressive Government to invest in a sustainable UK PLC, especially in renewable energy, and save the planet and all its passengers


©  John Youatt for the Derbyshire Green Party May 2015


A flawed local plan

Derbyshire Dales District Council’s Local Plan for most of the constituency is currently being Examined in Public at the Town Hall. There are several sessions still to run, up to 23rd May. After that and after 8th June we’ll have a result.

It is a rampantly Tory driven Plan, unrelentingly relying in part on very harmful greenfield extensions to towns and villages. It is trying to justify a target of 6500 houses against local wishes.

GPEW policy favours community led development

As planner and green activist, I’ve put forward

  • reasons why the so called Objectively Assessed Need is mainly external demand, is not local need and is only a target, not a mandate
  • that the target should be reduced, because half the housing area is in the Peak Park
  • that there is a radical alternative for about 2000 houses – a community-led new village in the lowland south
  • that heavy reliance on commercially led town and village extensions is a bad strategy

The officers are stubbornly resisting all alternatives. Liberal and independent councillors have voted against the allocations. 3 of 4 Labour councillors have, to my disappointment, voted for it.

Contact me if you want to know more.

John Youatt               01629 636241

Candidates General Election 2017

We are happy to announce the candidates for the Derbyshire Green Party in the 2017 General Election.

Chesterfield: David Wadsworth
Derby South: Ian Sleeman
Derbyshire Dales: Matthew Buckler
Mid-Derbyshire: Sue MacFarlane
North-East Derbyshire: David Kesteven
South Derbyshire: Marten Kats

We are not standing in Derby North and Bolsover. Other constituencies are covered by other local parties.