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No to Fracking

This month East Midlands Green Party are focusing on the theme of energy. When I started writing this post, the street to which I’ve just moved went into blackout twice in one night. We stumbled over boxes to light candles. Being greenies, we had solar lights and a windup torch. I later found out that on the 13th of October the BBC reported the risk of blackouts this winter is higher than at any time over the past six years, according to the National Grid. Sitting in the dark we discussed, (along with things like how great one of our neighbours is and if he needs candles), the probability of power outages becoming more frequent and the effects on homes, businesses and public services. We don’t know our other neighbours yet, or those who might have troubles. We do know that the price of basic fuel often exceeds our own…

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Banker’s Bonuses

Peter Allen from High Peak writes powerfully about bankers and their bonuses.

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As part of our month’s focus on money and debt, this powerful article is written by Peter Allen, one of our candidates from Derbyshire, East Midlands, looking at Banker’s Bonuses in the light of national and international crisis:


With living standards in decline, a million young people unemployed, a crisis in the NHS and social care,  and rising levels of poverty and homelessness,  whose interests  might the government be trying to defend (at public expense) in the European Court ? … why bankers of course!


A few years back, after the financial crash, largely  caused by irresponsible behaviour by greedy bankers trying to line their own pockets, all politicians joined in the chorus of popular anger against them. Cameron and co accused Labour (with some justification! ) of allowing bankers bonuses and pay levels to get out of hand.


It was a sentiment that spread across…

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Fight Fracking Threat to Local Life in Lincolnshire Wolds

Please join our Euro 2014 candidate Katharina Boettge for a walk in the Lincolnshire Wolds, to draw attention to the threat from fracking.

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No to Fracking
A planning application to drill for oil at Biscathorpe has been made by Egdon Resources Ltd.  This company holds licenses to develop the gas-shales by fracking between Lincoln and Gainsborough, and in the North Somercotes area.
It is unlikely that many will know Biscathorpe.  It is an idyllic and unspoilt beauty spot in the heart of the Lincolnshire Wolds, with two fords crossing the River Bain, a lost medieval village and a picturesque church.
There is much concern about the consequences of drilling for oil in this area.  The impacts could include pollution of the river, damage caused by lorry traffic, noise and lighting, upsetting the fragile local ecology, and an end to the beauty and tranquillity of the neighbourhood.
Furthermore, following the recent IPCC report that there has already been enough oil and gas discovered to result in catastrophic global warming, there is the wider concern of additional oil exploitation in Lincolnshire.
On Sunday next, 13th October, a…

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Law of the Land

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When we speak of ‘The Law of the Land’ this phrase has many meanings. We have different areas of law and justice. Last night I watched news footage of Caroline Lucas’s son being picked up by his ear by police as he sat in peaceful protest against fracking. I wondered how many kinds of justice were being undermined. There is criminal justice law and civil or social justice and the environmental laws there to help protect both us and the land. John Youatt, wrote a piece on fracking on the Derbyshire Green Party blog. He is a retired planner and former minerals officer and his arguments are informed and compelling. In the light of public arrests and ridicule this is a further response to fracking. This post regards the injustices we are suffering and the silencing of our campaign.  Some of these infringements of justice include:

  • Our legal and moral right to peaceful…

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Green Party says NO to Foston Factory Farm, Green Party says NO to all Factory Farms

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The Green Party is opposing the planning application for the development of a mega Pig Factory Farm by Midlands Pig Producers. We also oppose any factory farm for several good reasons outlined below. This specific development would be placed in the pleasant rural village of Foston on Uttoxeter Road, South Derbyshire. The planning application involves a pig rearing unit together with anaerobic digestion facility and associated infrastructures. Midlands Pig Producer already have a factory farm in the area which holds around 5000 pigs. The Foston unit would hold 25000 pigs with 1000 pigs being slaughtered every week.

South Derbyshire DC has refused permission, the matter now lies with Derbyshire County Council who have called for more evidence on environmental impacts. If they refuse the matter will almost certainly go to appeal and be decided by the Ministry of Environment.

Foston residents have been campaigning against this massive development for some…

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Genetically Modified Futures?

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A blog post by Mike Shipley of Derbyshire Greens regarding his thoughts on the politics of GM food :

Tories are pushing the EU to accept Genetic Modification

The Tories are at it again, putting corporate interests ahead of  public well-being.  This time it is Owen Patterson, the Agriculture Minister, who is acting in the interests of the big Agrochemical companies who want to launch GM crops onto the European market.  The EU takes a cautious approach to GM, with some countries maintaining an outright ban.  The Conservative Party in the UK  has been working for years behind the scenes to try to get GM crops accepted using its MEP’s to do all they can to weaken the regulation of GM products from the EU.

Why are they doing this, in the face of public opposition and unease among the farming community? Simply for profit.  If GM is launched in…

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UKIP – The rise of racism

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In times of crisis people can stick together or they tend to start blaming each other. With the country experiencing the longest economic slump for a century, the rise of UKIP as a party based on blaming others is hardly surprising. Sadly the government seems intent on policies blaming its own citizens, and the poorest in society.

The government has consistently blamed the welfare system for our deficit. Greens believe the deficit could be addressed if the government were to close down tax havens and end corporate tax avoidance. The crisis was not caused by welfare, public services or anyone on benefits; the crisis was caused by a greedy and unregulated casino banking system.


Whilst the government blamed those on welfare, UKIP has hijacked the “debate” by blaming the EU and immigration for our economic problems.

The recent county council elections have unfortunately shown that UKIP’s strategy has been…

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