Dales Biodiversity Motion Matt Buckler 2019

Awesome motion from our Green Party Derbyshire Dales District Councillor, Matt Buckler, tonight, 16th January 2020 at the Derbyshire Dales District Council  Meeting. Making the difference! 🙂
The Council will debate the following Motion, submitted by [Green Party] Councillor Matthew Buckler, in accordance with Rule of Procedure 16.
That this Council
Motion: Making space for nature across the Derbyshire Dales this Council resolves to:
(1) Note that enhancing the local environment, including biodiversity, is part of the corporate plan priority of making Derbyshire Dales being ‘a great place to live, work and visit’.
(2) take up local opportunities to prevent the loss of, and where possible, enhance biodiversity by:(a) developing an Action Plan for Nature to include:
(a) developing an Action Plan for Nature to include:
(i) an overview of the biodiversity measures planned and taken across different teams within the Council,
(ii) a mapped Nature Recovery Network for the whole of the District, showing opportunities for biodiversity enhancement as well as existing biodiversity and Green infrastructure;
(iii) developing a District Nature recovery partnership across the whole district, to include appropriate bodies (e.g. PDNPA, Natural England, Forestry Commission, NGOs, Town and Parish councils, private landowners etc), and will support others with their initiatives to improve biodiversity;
(b) Clarifying the local policy to require that every new development achieves a biodiversity net gain, in advance of the mandatory net gain proposed in the forthcoming Environment Act;
(c) Conducting biodiversity audits in our local parks and open spaces and setting measurable targets and standards for biodiversity increases;
(d) Identifying suitable verges for establishing wildflower rich habit;
(e) Prioritising biodiversity targets in the Green infrastructure strategy;
(f) Exploring opportunities to encourage the growth of wildflowers on brownfield sites which are waiting to be developed in line with existing evidence that brownfield sites can make an important contribution to biodiversity enhancement.
(3) We recognise the value of interaction with the natural world for our residents and :
(a) will support and encourage community led initiatives which support the activities above, such as development of community orchards, flowering meadows for pollinating insects and new native woodlands, and
(b) will use opportunities within council publications to encourage the public to take biodiversity measures in their own homes, for example, in gardens, on roofs, balconies and window sills.