Dave Kesteven – Bolsover 2019.


I have worked as Head Gardener in a North East Derbyshire garden for the last 22 years and am observing the effects of climate change on a daily basis. Not just the extremes like the current flooding and last year’s heatwave but changes in flowering times and weather patterns that are increasing in frequency and severity. We are living at the beginning of a climate emergency and this election should only be about the solutions to climate change as these will bring about a more equitable and fair society.

But the disruptors and destroyers of society are intent on spreading division and making this an election about Brexit. I am very happy with the Greens position on holding a second referendum and will campaign fiercely to remain.

I have spent the last 3 years leading the local fight against the chemical giant Ineos who had intended to drill a fracking well in our village. This fight has recently been won with the government moratorium on fracking which needs to be converted into a total ban by the next Green government. I have my own YouTube channel The Fracking Farmhouse which has been used as part of the campaign.

Vote Green because the climate is more important than Brexit.

Best wishes


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