Agenda for Derbyshire Dales Green Group Meeting 19:00pm 21st April 2021: Zoom online

This will be a special meeting of the Dales Campaign Group specifically covering the County Council
1. Introductions
2. Apologies for absence
3. Minutes of last meeting
4. County Council & District Council Elections (6th May 2021)
· Update on pact with other Parties
· Campaign Progress – Leaflets, Posters, Social media, Website
· Funding
5. Socially distanced social gathering – Youlgrave Sat 24th April
6. Date of next meeting
7. Dates for the diary
· 22nd April – Earth Day
· 1st-12th November – COP26 in Glasgow

Minutes of Derbyshire Dales Green Group Meeting 19:00pm 7th April 2021: Zoom online

Attendees: Neil Buttle (NB), Caroline Hallet (CH), John Hill (JH), Christabel Holland (CH), Richard
Rowlatt (RR), John Ward (JW – Chair), Darren Yates (DY – East Midlands GP), John
Youatt (JY)

1.0 Apols: Matt Buckler (MB), Jenny Hyde (JH), Mark Stanley (MS)

2.0 Previous Minutes / Matters Arising

2.1 Previous Minutes
The minutes for the last meeting on 24th March, 2021 were agreed as a true record.
Actions from the previous meeting are covered below.

3.0 Collaboration with other Parties
No further update to report at the date of the meeting

3.2 Candidates
Derbyshire County Council
Ashbourne – JH (campaigning)
Dovedale – NB (campaigning – single opposition to Tory)
Derwent – None, actively standing down for Lib Dems
Bakewell – None, actively standing down for Labour
Matlock – CH (paper candidate only)
Wirksworth – JW (paper candidate only)

District Council (By-Elections)
Wirksworth – RR (campaigning)
Masson – MS (paper candidate only)

Parish Council (By-Elections)
Winster – None, no candidate identified
Monyash – None, no candidate identified

JW was initially pencilled in to stand in Matlock but had agreed to swap seats with CH who was initially down for Wirksworth.
It was confirmed by DDDC that there will be no Parish Council By-Election in Birchover on 6th May 2021. However, the situation remains in flux and there may be opportunities to stand a candidate in the near future.
All candidate nomination forms have been submitted apart from CH’s forms for Matlock. CH has a plan in place to make sure the forms are submitted by 4pm tomorrow, 8th April.

3.3 Campaign Leaflet
NB & JH have coordinated the general themes and message of their leaflets but decided against an identical back page as the design layouts are different.
NB has researched how to get leaflets through letterboxes at County Division scale. The Royal Mail does not offer a targeted enough service and is expensive. NB said he was therefore planning to hand deliver personally, hopefully with help from others including the ‘Hope for Europe’ group.
JH has found similar issues with Royal Mail and has a similar solution.
RR has produced his ‘personal statement’ content for his leaflet and has issued to the group for comment. And proposed to complete in the next week. JW agreed to send Leaflet Frog details to RR. NB said that 2000 leaflets would be enough for Wirksworth. For delivery RR proposed to request
volunteers from the membership to hand deliver. RR also said he might hire a stall on the Wirksworth Tuesday Market to promote his campaign.
JY noted that in the past he has employed private delivery people and could share contact details if required. RR said that he may go down that route, depending on member response.

Leaflet delivery needs to start within 2 weeks, around the 21st April, to catch early postal voters.
DY warned that the selected national printer, Leaflet Frog, may be increasingly slow to respond due to increasing workload in the run up to Elections.

3.4 Campaign Funding
DY noted that there would be spare cash available from the original election allocation given that we would be hand delivering leaflets and suggested possibly producing a second leaflet closer to the election day.
Action Network ‘crowd funder’ is now live and has received a first donation.

3.5 Media
JW has sent the social media and website access instructions to JH and NB as requested. All access issues seem to have been resolved. No one has added any election content yet.
JY has sent all of his media contacts and the recent communications with Eddie Bisknell to CH to progress.
RR requested help setting up social media, Facebook etc. CH offered to help if needed.
JH said he was planning to send out an email to all Derbyshire Dales members to introduce all our candidates in this election round.

4.0 AOB

4.1 MB has shared some of the Derbyshire Wildlife trust pledges with candidates for review / sign-up as appropriate.

4.2 DY had sent his Certificate of Authorisation forms to JW as promised and JW had distributed these to each candidate.

4.4 JH said that he was planning to issue a GP membership list relevant to each Candidate for targeted email requesting help etc. NB also asked for the listing in Bakewell and Derwent
where we are not standing a candidate. DY requested a membership list for Chesterfield and North East Derbyshire.

4.5 JY mentioned the ‘Vision Derbyshire’ project which is aiming towards a more unitary authority. NB said that this was progressing but is in an early feasibility stage. An early pilot initiative was likely to be a strategy for electric car charging points across Derbyshire.

4.6 DY said he was attending a hustings event and requested input from NB on the impact a Green can have on Council decisions.

5.0 Next Meeting

The next meeting was confirmed for two week’s time on Weds 21st April at 7pm via Zoom.

Minutes of Derbyshire Dales Green Group Meeting 19:00pm 24th March 2021: Zoom online

Attendees: Matt Buckler (MB), Neil Buttle (NB), John Hill (JH), Jenny Hyde (JH), Richard Rowlatt
(RR), John Ward (JW – Chair), Darren Yates (DY – East Midlands GP), John Youatt

1.0 Apols: Liz P

2.0 Previous Minutes / Matters Arising

2.1 Previous Minutes
The minutes for the last meeting on 10th March, 2021 were agreed as a true record.
Actions from the previous meeting are covered below

3.0 County & District Council Elections – 6th May, 2021

3.1 Collaboration with other Parties
No further contact to report at the date of the meeting.
Post Meeting addendum – the prospect of standing a Green Candidate in Matlock was discussed with the local Lib Dems, who confirmed they had no issue with this in terms of impact on the existing agreement.

3.2 Candidates/agents
County Council
Ashbourne – JH
Dovedale – NB (with JW acting as agent)
Derwent – None, standing down for Lib Dems
Bakewell – None, standing down for Labour
Matlock – See discussion below.
Wirksworth – Christabel Holland.

District Council
Wirksworth – RR
Masson – Mark Stanley
Parish Council
Birchover – Christabel Holland.

Police & Crime Commissioner
There was a discussion on whether we should put a candidate forward for this role, but it became apparent that this would be a Derbyshire wide appointment and therefore a matter for
the Regional Party, rather than the Dales Group, to decide.

3.3 Campaign Leaflet
JH has made good progress and has created a candidate website full of content that can be distilled into his leaflet. No design selected yet but has access to the GP templates.
NB has most of his content and is reading up on current coutryside issues to round off.
NB and JH agreed to collaborate to produce the local GP manifesto side of the leaflet. Both agreed that the target deadline of 12th April to be ‘print ready’ was achievable. Both undertook to have a first draft ready for distribution within the group for comment by 1st April
NB has yet to identify a printer / establish pricing. DY noted that this can be organised through the GP website using Leapfrog – 3000 A4 leaflets costs £101.
RR said he would be producing his own leaflet locally for the Wirksworth District seat.

3.4 Campaign Funding
DY confirmed that the usual process was to pay upfront and reclaim on expenses.

3.5 Media
JW agreed to send the website and social media access details to NB and JH so they could post campaign content directly.
JY said he had been asked by Eddie Bisknell (Local Democracy Reporter for Derbyshire – Derby Telegraph / BBC) for a list of Green Candidate names and for our local manifesto i.e. as laid
out in our campaign leaflet. The group agreed that this information could be released to Eddie. JY agreed to forward the details to CH to pass on to Eddie.

4.0 AOB

4.1 JY raised the ongoing issue of the Badger Cull. It was agreed to leave this discussion to a later date and possibly pick it up via email/whatsapp as a campaign issue.
4.2 MB noted that Derbyshire Wildlife Trust had produced some campaign pledges that our candidates might want to sign up to. MB agreed to share the pledges with the Candidates.
4.3 DY now has his authority delegation as our Nominating officer for the Dales and agreed to issue approved Nomination Papers for all candidates to JW in the next day or so.
4.4 MB said that Parish Council seats were a good introduction for more strategic roles at District or County level. It was agreed that we should target as many of these seats as possible in the
next main round in 2022.

5.0 Next Meeting
5.1 The next meeting was confirmed for two week’s time on Weds 7th April at 7pm via Zoom.

Minutes of Derbyshire Dales Green Group Meeting 19:00pm 10th March 2021: Zoom online

Attendees: Matt Buckler (MB), Neil Buttle (NB), John Hill (JH), Christabel Holland (CH), Jenny
Hyde (JH), Liz Pasteur (LP), Richard Rowlatt (RR), John Ward (JW – Chair), Darren Yates (DY – East Midlands GP), John Youatt (JY).

1.0 Apols: none

2.0 Previous Minutes / Matters Arising

2.1 The minutes for the last meeting on 3rd February, 2020 were agreed as a true record.
Actions from the previous meeting are covered below.

3.0 County & District Council Elections – 6th May, 2021

3.1 Collaboration with other Parties
NB said there had been no further contact on this issue.
JY said that the Labour plan for Bakewell was impressive.
A vote was taken and unanimously approved by all attendees.

3.2 Candidates/agents
County Council
Ashbourne – JH (acting as both candidate and agent)
Dovedale – NB (with JW acting as agent)
Derwent – None, standing down for Lib Dems
Bakewell – None, standing down for Labour
Matlock – None, standing down for Sue Burfoot, Lib Dems.
Wirksworth – CH volunteered to stand.
NB confirmed that the Labour candidate for Wirksworth was Dianne Fletcher. NB said that DY was now acting as our Nominating Officer.

District Council
The group agreed to stand candidates in both Districts.
Wirksworth – RR volunteered to stand
Masson – JH agreed to approach Mark Stanley, as he had expressed a willingness to stand previously.
JW has produced a bespoke election timetable for group activities. This has been shared with the group for comment /action.
MB pointed out that all candidates should be prepared to win and take on the actual Council role, however unlikely a win might be. The District term would be 2 years, as these are byelections. The County term would be 4 years.

3.3 Campaign Leaflet
JW was unable to find a 2021 leaflet template on the national members site and has emailed HQ to ask the question. We may need to use the last election template, which was fine.
JY noted that MB’s winning campaign leaflet might act as a useful guide. MB agreed to locate an send a copy to the group.
JY has also sent out a list of policy ideas to base the ‘general green party content’ side of the leaflet on, for comment / use by the group.
There was a discussion on whether to have one leaflet for both candidates / division. It was agreed that there should be two discrete leaflets for each candidate but these should have a common ‘general green party content’ side.
NB suggested including a short run of Wirksworth / Masson leaflets, for CH, RR and Mark Stanley to hand out, in our print run.
There was a discussion regarding hand delivery / door knocking. Opinion was split within the group. It was agreed that this approach should be left to each candidate to decide.

JW said that we need to have the leaflet content and design finalised in 4 week’s time, which gives a target date of 12th April. All agreed that this was achievable.
NB agreed to get prices for different types of leaflets and to present to the group for a decision.

3.4 Campaign Funding
JH had started working on a Crowdfunder but then switched to the cheaper GP Action Network route instead.
LP ran the group’s successful Crowdfunder for the general election and advised that she has some useful information to share if we decide to go down that route.
JY also said that he had written a 2-page summary of ‘how to secure campaign funds’ for a previous campaign that he would send out to the group
DY confirmed there was plenty ring-fenced for the Dales Group for campaign leafleting.

3.5 Social Media / Website
CH has volunteered to take on the role of digital media for the campaign. It was agreed that the candidates would feed content to CH for publication.
JH has set up a candidate twitter and facebook account, including a blog. It was agreed that each candidate should have their own facebook/twitter for the campaign. Volume of content rather than targeting (e.g via facebook adverts) was considered more important.

3.6 Print Media
CH volunteered to handle traditional print media in addition to digital media.
JY agreed to pass on his print media contacts to CH

4.0 AOB

4.1 NB suggested adding ‘20’s plenty’ road safety initiative as a campaign theme. JH agreed that this would be a good idea. No-one objected to this as a campaign issue.

5.0 Next meeting

5.1 The next meeting will be in two week’s time on Weds 24th March at 7pm.

Minutes of Derbyshire Dales Green Group Meeting 18:30pm 3rd February 2021: Zoom online

Attendees: John Ward (JW – Chair), John Hill (JH), Caroline Hallett (CH), Neil Buttle (NB), Matt
Buckler (MB), Steve Martin (SM), John Youatt (JY), Darren Yates (DY – East Midlands

1.0 Apologies: John Green, Richard Rowlatt, Liz Pasteur

2.0 Previous Minutes / Matters Arising
2.1 No minutes were produced for the last meeting on 9th December, 2020.

3.0 County Council Elections – 6th May, 2021
3.1 Collaboration with other Parties
A joint meeting held early Dec 2020 between Labour/ Lib Dems / Greens. The outcome was an informal agreement that in the 3 northern divisions there will be a single opposition
candidate to the Conservative, with Labour in Bakewell, Lib Dems in Derwent and Greens in Dovedale. The 3 southern divisions are to be a free-for-all.
The group agreed to the above plan.

3.2 Candidates
Ashbourne – John Hill (acting as both candidate and agent)
Dovedale – Neil Buttle (with John Ward acting as agent)
Derwent – None, standing down for Lib Dems
Bakewell – None, standing down for Labour
Matlock – None, a strategic descision not to stand against Sue Burfoot of the Lib Dems. Labour are standing. The group agreed not to stand a Green candidate in Matlock and instead to support.
Wirksworth – NB thought John Green might have already approached someone. It was decided to leave a decision on this division until the next meeting. MB noted it would be useful for us to know who the Labour candidate is for Wirksworth before making a decision on whether to stand a
green candidate. CH agreed to find out who the candidate is for the next meeting.

3.3 Campaign Strategy
We have funding for leaflet campaigns which will be directed towards Neil in Dovedale and John in Ashbourne. This will be distrubuted by the Royal Mail.
JW to find out if a template is available.
JH to start drafting his own leaflet content for Ashbourne.
JY and NB to draft an initial leaflet for Dovedale.
MB said it might be better to keep the ‘single opposition candidate’ strategy out of the printed leaflet. This could be highlighted in other media posts closer to the election date.
JY suggested a Crowdfunder should be used again to raise campaign funds. MB said this should be a Crowdfunder for the Derbyshire Dales as a whole. JH agreed to set this up.
A social media campaign needs to start around 2 months before to capture postal votes.
JW agreed to draft a bespoke timetable for group activities.

4.0 Next Meeting
4.1 The next meeting was pencilled in for 3rd March at 7pm.

Agenda for Derbyshire Dales Green Group Meeting 18:30pm 9th December 2020: Zoom online



1. Introductions
2. Apologies for absence
3. Previous minutes & matters arising
· Update on Hydro-power / flood management potential in the Dales (R Rowlatt)
· Formal vote on the policy of standing in all divisions of the Derbyshire Dales in the absence of deals with other parties. Any deals would need to be ratified by Derbyshire Green Party and the regional and national parties.
4. County Council Elections 2021
· Progress on candidate and nominator identification
· Update on Election Crowdfunder.
5. Future of the DDGP stand-alone website? Should we move the content to a dedicated part of the Derbyshire Green Party site for reasons of site security and cost? Do we need a private and public site?
6. Self-sufficiency in Derbyshire (R Rowlatt). “A Green New Deal for Derbyshire Dales: what we want from Government”.
7. Volunteers & Officers
· DGP Treasurer – JG
· DGP Membership Secretary – JH
8. Councillor’s Reports
· Neil
· Matt
9. Dates for the Calendar
10. AOB

Minutes of Derbyshire Dales Green Group Meeting 18:30pm 4th November 2020: Zoom online

Attendees: Neil Buttle NB, John Green JG (Minutes), Caroline Hallett CH, Sheelagh Handy SH, John Hill JH
Steph Holmes SH, Sarah Langdon SL, Steve Martin SM, Richard Rowlatt RR, John Ward JW, PK Whalen PW
Darren Yates DY (DGP Coordinator)

Apologies: Matt Buckler

3. Minutes of Previous Meeting and Matters Arising
Mintes of the previous meeting were accepted as a true record.

4. County Council Elections 2021
Progress on candidate and nominator identification
Neil Buttle gave a summary of his discussions with other parties.

John Ward proposed that the campaign group adopt a policy of standing in all divisions of the Derbyshire Dales in the absence of deals with other parties. Any deals would need to be ratified by Derbyshire Green Party and the regional and national parties.

5. Hydro Power in the Dales.
Richard Rowlatt initiated a discussion on the use of hydropower as a source of renewable energy in Derbyshire. The aim is to draw up a policy document for DGP in which to lay out ways in which Derbyshire could become self sufficient in the production of electricity from renewable sources.

Richard undertakes to collate and submit to the next meeting. Further action: RR

6. Events / Fundraising / Profile Raising
It was noted that event planning is a little difficult under the present circumstances.
It was generally agreed that a Crowdfunder should be launched prior to the May elections.

7. Volunteers and Officers Reports.
Steve Martin, as part of his activities with among other, the Dales Climate Hub has produced a review the Clearlead Path to Net Zero consultancy report, which has been brought to the attention of the District Council and meetings arranged with the council officers to discuss these matters.

8. Councillor Reports
Neil Buttle mentioned his (and Sheelagh Handy’s) involvement with the Tideswell Climate Action Group as well as the progress towards the zero carbon emissions target for the District Council.
The Clear Lead Path To Net Zero consultancy report which was commissioned by the council to lay out a strategy to achieve zero carbon emissions contains some omissions including and inaccuracies, for example;
• Any outsourced activity is not measured or counted. This means that many areas, such as waste collection and the leisure centres will be omitted.
• The instruction to the consultancy by the head of planning that wind power should not be considered due to “political opposition” is inappropriate and the matter should be brought up with the council.

The cost to the council of achieving its zero carbon target (excluding outsourced activities) is estimated at £2.5 million. The council has reserves of around £10 million but the officers claim these are “ringfenced for other activities” so the problem of financing the changes remains, for the present at least.
[See also Steve Martin’s reports above]

9. Dates for the Calendar
Next meeting Wed 9th December 18:30, chaired by John Ward probably again via Zoom.
There is also a Derbyshire Green Party (the local party) quarterly meeting scheduled for Wednesday December 3rd at 19:00 (Zoom again).
10. AOB
John Green to republish the Climate Hub survey via email and Facebook.

Minutes of Derbyshire Dales Green Group Meeting, Monday October 5th at 19:00: Zoom online


Main decision points:

Derbyshire Dales Green Group County Election Planning Meeting 6:30pm Wed 2 Sept 2020: Zoom online

The purpose of the meeting is to focus on the Derbyshire County Council elections in May 2021 and decide what, if anything, and how, the Derbyshire Green Party wants to do in the six divisions in the Derbyshire Dales


John Green (chair), Darren Yates, Steve Martin, John Hill, PK Whalen, Caroline Hallett, John Ward, Liz Pasteur

(1) Apologies:

Matt Buckler, Neil Buttle (due to district council EGM on travellers)

(2) Arisings from previous meeting

Previous minutes were not reviewed in detail as our previous plans have been disrupted by Covd-19.

(3) County council elections 2021

Due to the postponement of the 2020 elections, Derby City elections will take place at the same time. This may stretch our resources.

The City team have selected their target ward: Arboretum.

Our policy is to stand (at least on paper) in all divisions.  We may then choose one of them as a target division on which to focus our campaign efforts. After selecting candidates, sometimes there is horse-trading with other parties, leading to stand-downs in some wards, but these are discussions for much later.

According to the ‘Target to Win’ manual, we should have already started a programme of multiple leaflets and newsletters. 2 of these wards have been selected in Derbyshire, but they are not within the Dales (Wingerworth and Shirland). Regional party funding is available and has been applied for.

The Dales team may select one of our wards for a more modest level of targeting, as resources allow.

Criteria for target selection:

  • Avoid existing marginals. In these binary races, the Green vote tends to reduce as people vote tactically to oppose their least preferred party.
  • Consider longer-term benefits of campaigning – e.g. winnable district wards within the division.
  • In a safe seat, try to win second place this time and become the recognised opposition, as a jump-off for a target to win campaign next time. This worked in Duffield in 2019.

Dales divisions with proposed candidates are:

Dovedale (Neil Buttle)

Wirksworth (possible candidate, not confirmed)

Bakewell (John Ward)

Ashbourne (John Hill)

Matlock (Matt Buckler)

Derwent (none yet)

Action: John Green to discuss with potential Wirksworth candidate, and ring around other members if necessary.

Action: PK to ring around members in Derwent division – John Green to supply list of members

It is suggested that we would target Matlock and Dovedale divisions to best support Neil and Matt’s current hold on their district wards within these divisions.

Decision TBC – discuss with candidates

Action: PK to check whether free/reduced cost Royal Mail leaflet deliveries are available for county elections.

Post-meeting: PK spoke with the Royal Mail Elections Team (03456 076 416) which informed that for local elections, such as the one in May, there are no special exemptions or reduced fees. Costs will be the same as it would for any citizen/business. 

(4) Next meeting

Monday 5th Oct, on zoom. Time TBC.

Minutes of Dales meeting, Weds 11th March 2020 19:30pm, Community Room, Arc Center, Matlock, DE4 1AZ

Attendees: John Ward (JW – Chair), John Hill (JH), Steve Martin (SM), Caroline Hallett (CH), Richard Rowlatt (RR), Neil Buttle (NB), Liz Pasteur (LP), Rosemary Blenkinsop (RB), Josh Stockell (JS)

Apologies: John Green (JG), John Youatt (JY), Jess Brooks (JB), Matt Buckler (MB)

2.0 Previous Minutes / Matters Arising

2.1 Previous minutes were agreed

2.2 JW confirmed that the Community Room at Arc has been provisionally booked for the next 3 quarterly meetings (03/06, 02/09 and 25/11).
SM noted that the Derbyshire Climate Coalition meets at the Cornerstone Bookshop, Dale Road, Matlock, which might be a better venue. JW to follow up.
JS suggested that meetings could be held at Northern Lights on Green Screen dates before the film showing, as the venue hire was for the entire evening. JW to follow up.

3.0 Parliamentary Candidate (GE)

3.1 Lessons Learned
There was some debate about whether to wait for input from MB before hving this discussion, however the group considered it would be useful to hear JH’s thoughts as Election Agent.
JH reported that the process was stressful, particularly regarding internal conflict within the group over the content of the campaign leaflet. The leaflet itself was a late addition to campaign as funding concessions were not fully understood initially, but the opportunity then seemed too good to miss.
The main learning points were:

  • ensure sufficient time is available for the group to agree the content of the leaflet / raise any concerns.
  • all must remember to communicate sensitively and courteously at all times with other members, whether face- to–face, by phone, by email, letter or in social media.

4.0 Northern Lights – Green Screen Event (18/02/20)
The whole group congratulated CH and JB for organizing and hosting this very successful event, generating £276 net profit.
All agreed that the group should develop a program of ‘Green Screen’ events under the banner of the Green Party.
CH noted that political party events could not be advertised on the Northern Lights website. CH reported that ticket sales / promotion were the most difficult part of the process and requested more help from the group for next time. JH volunteered to help coordinate. It was agreed that each member should be allocated a number of tickets each to sell.
CH noted that the next available Green Screen slot was 15th June 2020 and all agreed that this should be confirmed as a booking with Northern Lights.
There was some discussion regarding working with schools (or Fridays for Future) and other affinity group (e.g. XR) to put on joint Green Screen events. All agreed to put some thought into what might work and make suggestions to their contacts.

5.0 Volunteers & Officers

5.1 Treasurer’s Report
JG provided a DGP report (interim 8th March 2020), which was circulated prior to the meeting.
SM suggested that a separate report / sub account would be useful for just the DDGP finances. JW agreed to raise this possibility with JG.

5.2 DDGP Structure
JW had circulated the DGP Constitution document prior to the meeting to aid discussion. The group considered that formalising roles and responsibilities was a good idea but that operating under a separate formal constitution for the DDGP was unnecessary.

Agreed roles going forward:

  • Co-ordinator – JW
  • Treasurer – JG
  • Membership Secretary – JH
  • New Members Officer – CH & JW
  • Events Officers – CH & JB
  • Campaigns Officer – TBA
  • Communications Officer – RR
  • Press Officer – JY
  • Website Manager – SM

The above roles are for a 12 month term, in line with the calendar year. JW to draft a Terms of Reference document, including more detailed roles and responsibilities, for the DDGP and submit to the group for comment.

6.2 2 Matt Buckler councillor report
Report attached as an addendum.

7.0 Dates for the Calendar

7.1 20th-22nd Mar – Green Party Spring Conference, Brighton *post meeting note – this has been postponed due to Covid-19

7.2 14th May – George Monbiot Talk, Sheffield. *post meeting note – this has been cancelled due to Covid-19
7.3 3rd June – 7:30pm DDGP meeting, The Arc, Matlock *post meeting note – this has been cancelled due to Covid-19
7.4 2nd Sept – 7:30pm DDGP meeting, The Arc, Matlock *post meeting note – this has been moved online due to Covid-19
7.5 Nov (no dates yet) – UN Climate Change Conference, Glasgow *post meeting note – this has been postponed to 2021 due to Covid-19
7.6 25th Nov – 7:30pm DDGP meeting, The Arc, Matlock *post meeting note – this has been moved online due to Covid-19

8.0 AOB

SM reported that he had attended the last meeting of the Derbyshire Climate Coalition and found it inspiring. As an affinity group it was considered appropriate to list future meetings on the DDGP dates for the calendar for any interested members. SM to add dates to the Website calendar, JW to add to the DDGP meeting agenda/minutes.

8.2 Robin Greenwood / Humanity Party had sent a query via JY asking whether there was a possibility of working together on future campaigns. JY made the point (in a written note read out at the meeting) that the DDGP “is an active party of paid members and a dozen activists, whereas is only one person. The imbalance is unsustainable”. It was unanimously agreed by the group that the DDGP would not work or collaborate with the Humanity Party / Robin Greenwood in future.

8.3 The potential impact of Covid-19 on DDGP activities was discussed briefly. As this is a fast moving situation it was considered that the best response would be made based on the advice at the time that any decision needs to be made.

9.0 Next Meeting

The next full meeting of the group is scheduled for Wednesday 3rd June – 7:30pm, The Arc Community Room, Matlock *post meeting note – this has been moved online due to Covid-19

Meetings plan for 2020

Quarterly full meetings, with smaller update meetings as required.

Proposed quarterly meeting dates, subject to change based on attendee requirements.

  • Wednesday 11th March
  • Wednesday 3rd June
  • Wednesday 2nd September
  • Wednesday 25th November

Preferred start time 7pm, room availability allowing.

Venue under discussion and may vary. Room cost to be met by whip round on the night. Possibilities include:

  • Community room at Arc leisure centre, Matlock (£14 for a 2hr meeting)
  • Imperial rooms, Matlock (£23 for a 2hr meeting)

Minutes from the meeting held on Wednesday 30 October 2019

Attendees: John Ward (chair), John Youatt, Rob Scott, John Hill (membership sec), Steve Martin, Liz Pasteur, Neil Buttle (Cllr: Tideswell), Matt Buckler (Cllr: Stanton), Emma Hickling

2.0 Previous Minutes / Matters Arising

2.1 Previous minutes were not formally accepted

2.2 Imperial Rooms favoured venue for next meeting, w/c 20th or 27th Jan 2020. Chair John Ward.

2.3 Northern Lights film night. Prelim booking made for 18th Feb 2020. Vegan snacks included in ticket price. Costs: £100 (venue), £80 (film licence), £? (film hire), snacks by Jess & Caro. 52 seats available; should be profitable if all sold.

3.0 General election

3.1 Election leaflet. JH described the difficulties in progressing the delivery of the leaflet and its acceptance by Royal Mail. It was agreed that the process and lesson learnt should be reviewed at the next meeting.
Action: JW make this an agenda item for the next meeting

3.2 Campaign funding. Leaflet printing & candidate deposit paid out of DGP account. A further £300 has been allocated for leafleting. Shortfall from crowdfunder will need to be paid back by Dales team to DGP.

3.3 Hustings:

  • Bakewell – Monday 2nd December 6pm-7pm
  • Eyam – Monday 2nd December 8pm-10pm
  • Ashbourne – Thursday 5th December 7pm at Elim Church, DE6 1DG
  • Farmers – 8th December, Matlock Meadows

3.4 Protonmail email account to be created to rationalise the various contact email addresses going around in the short term. Longer term we hope to arrange proper Green Party ones.

3.5 The Election Count

This will be held at Wirksworth.
JH asked for volunteers to attend. 6 members agreed to attend the count. Other volunteers are welcome, as we have up to 11 spaces

3.6 Press

JY reported poor uptake by the majority of local press. Apart from Ashbourne News Telegraph.
Action: MB to draft 250 words for Ashbourne News Telegraph, asap.

4.0 Volunteers and Officers

4.1 / 4.2 Website

JW, EH, PS, RS and LP currently have access to keep the website upto date with news items.

There was concern expressed whether the current website met GP criteria and whether it has been approved by Jonathan Elmer.
Action: EH to ask Jonathan Elmer in the New Year

5.0 Councillor reports

NB: The Swifts climate change energy and Tideswell’s energy neighbourhood plans were highlighted. Little progress by the district council climate emergency committee.
MB: Good progress on climate emergency by Matlock Town Council

6.0 AOB

6.1 Christmas social

Jess is thinking of arranging a Christmas get-together for a few drinks and maybe a bite to eat after the election. Possible Dates 14th -17th Dec.
Action: JY to look at the Bull Inn in Youlgreave.

6.2 Formalising decision making

RR submitted a note requesting that the group formalise its decision-making process.
Action: JW to add this as an agenda item to the next meeting, to give sufficient time for discussion.

6.3 EH sought greater clarification on the relationship between DDGP and Humanity in Matlock. Discussion deferred until the next meeting.
Action: JW to add this as an agenda item to the next meeting.

Agenda for general meeting at 6pm on Friday 29 November 2019 at The Arc, Matlock

Agenda 29th Nov Meeting

Minutes from the meeting held on Wednesday 30 October 2019

2019-10-30 Meeting Minutes v1.pdf

Minutes from the meeting held on Tuesday 1 October 2019

There were two parts to the meeting:

The first was the general section of the Derbyshire Dales Group meeting

Dales Greens 20191001 minutes.pdf

The second part was about the parliamentary campaign 

Dales Greens Campagin 20191001 minutes.pdf


Hustings for the two nominations for the Derbyshire Dales Parlimentary candiate: Thursday 12 September, at 7pm at the Remarkable Hare, Matlock

Next General Meeting

is Tuesday 1 October 2019 at 7pm (19:00) at the Remarkable Hare, Matlock

Minutes from the meeting held on Wednesday 28 August 2019

20190828 meeting minutes.pdf

General Meeting: Wednesday 28 August 2019 at 7pm (19:00)

Venue: The Remarkable Hare, Matlock (in the back room)

Agenda for this meeting

  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes and Matters arising
  3. Parliamentary constituency candidate selection update
    • Nominations to date
    • Extension to nomination period
    • Voting process – hustings, voting
    • Unity candidate (John Youatt via email)
    • Crowdfunding for General Election expenses, design, PO delivery, deposit, local campaign. Budget?
  4. Finances – Draft Quarterly Report from John Green 
  5. Local GP Councillors reports (Matt Buckler, Neil Buttle)
    • Report on the Derbyshire Climate Change Coalition (Matt Buckler or Neil Buttle)
  6. Report on the Hen Harrier Day – update from John Green 
  7. Volunteers for Admin / Moderation and indeed, posting of stuff on the Facebook and Twitter pages and a backup web Admin (request from John Green)
  8. Wolds Action Group update (John Youatt via email)
  9. Date of next meeting and Election of chair for next meeting
  10. Any other business

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