Neil Jackson – Chesterfield 2019

NJ portrait
I am originally from Sheffield and live just outside Chesterfield with my wife and young daughter. Having studied Politics & Media Studies in Newcastle I have spent the last 15 years working in a range of industries including insurance, property and IT, and also spent time teaching English overseas.
The climate emergency and NHS are two of my priorities, along with undoing the harm caused by 9 years of devastating Tory austerity. The education system, police, hospitals, GP services, elderly care, social services, mental health support and more have all been decimated and are in desperate need of investment. I will work tirelessly to undo the damage done by the Tories and restore our public services to being world leaders.
After 3 years of uncertainty and dithering it is time for a People’s Vote to let the people decide how we proceed with Brexit. Simply forcing through an unpopular deal or worse the economic disaster of a No Deal exit would not resolve the issue and we would still face years of trade negotiations. We have had time to discover the real implications of leaving Europe and it is only reasonable to now ask the country their preference on the single biggest political issue we have faced in peacetime.

This is, however, the climate election and the clock is ticking. Voting Green will unlock £100bn of investment every year for the next 10 years to give ours and future generations the best chance of prospering. Wildfires, flooding and heatwaves are already taking their toll on our food security, safety and livelihoods. We need strong leadership, feasible long term plans and absolute commitment to see them though. Voting Green is the only way to guarantee this.