countyflagDerbyshire is big. Around 1000,000 people in 1000 square miles. Politically there are 11 parliamentary constituencies, 2 unitary authorities, Derby City Council and Derbyshire County Council, 8 borough and district councils and 204 town and parish councils.

Political parties usually organise themselves by parliamentary constituency, a more manageable area than a whole county or city, which is fine when you have a large number of members and activists in the constituency. But often there aren’t and then it becomes a challenge to field candidates for our members to vote for.


We have about 250 members across Derbyshire. One every four square miles!

For constituencies with fewer Green Party activists, we provide a central point of contact, hold meetings, coordinate events, and provide campaign and electoral services support.

And within Derbyshire, two constituencies have managed to become strong enough “go it alone” so far, High Peak and Amber Valley. So if you live in those areas please do get in touch with them (though we’d love to see you too, of course)!