Sherwood Green SOS

Sherwood Green

Generations of Bolsover families have enjoyed the green oasis that surrounds Sherwood Lodge. Although the bandstand has gone, andmore offices have been built, it is still a tranquil park and it’s not too late to stop it being lost forever.

How we can save Sherwood Green?

By law, open land that has been used for 20 years by the public for leisure can be registered. There are over 3,000 registered greens including one beach! The protection lasts forever indeed it is illegal to build on a registered green, even if planning permission is granted. In considering applications the County Council will review evidence gathered from members of the public.

You can give your evidence on our special form available for download here:

Evidence Questionnaire OSS

or by emailing:

Just a few minutes of your time could preserve this green for future generations.

Also, using the link below you can find out how to oppose Morrison’s application to put a large superstore and petrol station on what is now Sherwood Green and Lodge, and to oppose Bolsover Council’s plan to put an office building on Middle Street car-park:

How to object to the Morrison’s application and/or the loss of Middle Street car-park

Use it or lose it

Come and show you care about your green spaces by joining one of our community picnics on the first Sunday in every month starting at 3pm.

Find out more

Members of the Green Party and BADGL have joined with local residents and traders to organise a Public Meeting on Tuesday 8th May at 7.30pm in the North Star Club. You’ll be able to ask questions, meet the District Councillor who is fighting Morisson’s proposal and hear about the campaign.