Jane Temple – Green Party Candidate for Darley Ward, Derby

Jane Temple has lived in Derby for 21 years and in Darley Ward for the last 11 years. She is a railway engineer and a long-standing campaigner on environmental and social justice issues. Jane wants to live in a city and country that recognise the finite resources of our planet. The use and development of those resources must be sustainable and for the benefit of all. This has motivated her to stand as a Green Party candidate in the last three local elections. The issues she is campaigning on include:

  • Improve choices for people to walk, cycle and take the bus.
  • Give pedestrians and cyclists greater priority at signalled junctions and crossings.
  • Set a default speed limit of 20 mph for residential areas.
  • Make council buildings better insulated.
  • Work to provide free insulation for households in Derby, as achieved by Greens in Kirklees.
  • Amend planning rules to require that new buildings have the highest levels of energy conservation and generate their own renewable energy.
  • Protect Derby’s heritage, for example by re-using historic buildings.
  • Restore the listed Derby Hippodrome, extending and remodelling it to form a large modern theatre.
  • Bring empty houses back into use. The council should take a lead by renovating 40 West Avenue, the prominent property at Five Lamps that is currently derelict. This council-owned building should then be rented out.
  • Seek alternatives to waste disposal that do not lock the council into long-term incineration contracts.
  • Keep green spaces green.

Greens Attack Grey Economics

High Peak Green Party candidate Peter Allen has spoken out against the lack of substance in the recent ‘Chancellors’ TV debate, involving Alistair Darling, George Osbourne and Vince Cable.

“Their performance exposed the lack of real choice being offered by the three establishment parties. In the coming election, the Green Party will highlight the need to defend public services, control the activity of the banks and to increase taxation of the wealthy.”

The Greens found the budget similarly disappointing. Our leader Caroline Lucas, called it,

“a missed opportunity to put fairness and sustainability at the centre of Britain’s recovery plans.”

We were also critical of the lack of commitment to protect spending on social housing or public transport, two important issues that Peter is focussing on in his campaign.

“After 13 years of a Labour Government, inequality has grown, irresponsible bankers have been allowed to wreck the economy, and the services the rest of us rely on are under attack,” says Peter.

Peter and his team have been campaigning across the High Peak, and we are enjoying the official start of the campaign.

“We have a programme that is a practical and realistic plan to move towards a more equal society, protect public services, and fight climate change”

Our manifesto will include a costed commitment to an immediate nationwide programme to insulate homes. This would dramatically reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions while creating 350,000 training places within a year for the unemployed. It also includes a costed commitment to a Retirement Pension of £170 pw.