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The Riots – by Duncan Kerr

There’s been a lot of scratching of political heads over the riots, and I fear the results will simply be splinters in the fingers. I came across this post from on a forum by Brynley Heaven, an unlikely name, but I happen to have met him and know that he is a Green Party supporter. He certainly articulated my thoughts very well:

A fish rots from the head down and so do nations. We let Fred Goodwin’s bankers off. Greed is good, we were told. So young idiots took note and explored midnight opportunities in the retail sector.

Best story so far is from Dalston where the Turkish Cypriots and Turks of Stoke Newington Road got themselves organised and successfully repelled the mob heading towards Stoke Newington Police Station. Muslims save cops.

There was something rather wonderful about all these incredibly rich, soppy public schoolboys having to break off their holidays in Tuscany as the oiks run wild. In fact, rioting was a lot worse in Toxteth under Thatcher or in Bradford in 2001, but memories fade and I’m sure we’ll have a hue and cry and let’s hope the police can get on top of it.

I want a fairer society not a Big one. I want corporations that pay taxes so that youth projects are funded. An end to greed at the top and their culture of impunity. Will it be like the war on Thatcher? Probably not, but I’m nostalgic already.