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Greens Support TUC Demonstration

Simon Hales

Green Euro-candidate Simon Hales is encouraging as many people as possible to attend the national demonstration for “A Future That Works” called by the TUC in London on Saturday 20th October.

Mr Hales, who lives in Derby, said today: “The Green Party believes that the Coalition Government’s Austerity measures are an ideologically driven attack on the most vulnerable in society. They are using the excuse of the financial crisis, that was created by irresponsible bankers, to privatise and slash our public services. Instead the Government should do far more to tackle tax avoidance by large corporations and invest in jobs. The Green Party are campaigning for the creation of 1 Million Climate Jobs to get people back into work and take the urgent measures needed to tackle the problem of climate change.”

“I will be marching on the 20th October along with many other Green Party members including our leader Natalie Bennett who has said: `We should build alliances across the trade union movement, political organisations and campaign groups to take this government head on.` I look forward to seeing many other people from Derby on the march.”

Any member of the public needing transport to London (you don’t need to be part of a political party or Trade Union) can book places on free coaches from Derby by calling the Derby City UNISON office on (01332) 643 216/7 or emailing unison@derby.gov.uk.


High Peak contact:

Peter Allen: (07793) 319547 peterd.allen@btinternet.com

North East Derbyshire contact:

Councillor Duncan Kerr (07522) 116609 or (01909) 726 349

DuncanKerr@Bolsover.gov.uk or Kerr.duncan@hotmail.co.uk

Derbyshire Dales contact:

John Youatt: john@youatt.co.uk

South Derbyshire and Derby contact:

Philip Hood: philiphood51@talktalk.net

Derbyshire Green Party Press Officer:

Mike Shipley: (07791) 640 971 sue-mikeshipley@yahoo.co.uk

Simon Hales:

(01332) 898 292 or (07752) 143 607