Derbyshire Green Party

Derby City

Derby has a special place in the history of green cities as Derby Arboretum was the first green space to be deliberately planned as a place of public recreation in an urban setting, being donated to the City of Derby in 1840.

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Sam Ward is our primary contact and local campaigner for our target ward, Allestree.

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Helen Hitchcock is the Derby City Coordinator, and stood in Derby North in the 2019 general election. 

“I’m a musician, teacher and parent from Derby. I am the child of disabled parents. I am interested in promoting social justice, an education system that focuses on the needs and development of children, and opens up life long learning to all, in a health and social system that supports all in dignity. Above all I am concerned with the climate emergency facing us right now.”

If you’re in Derby and interested in being more active, let Helen know at