A Message from Darren Yates

You can help us!

We are a volunteer led party and rely on our supporters to run our exciting campaigns! This means that Greens stand up for our communities in a way that the other political parties fail to.

In Derbyshire, we are on the brink of a number of significant breakthroughs. From our target wards in Melbourne and Wingerworth; increasing our presence on Derbyshire Dales District Council; getting our first seat on Derby City Council and gaining a presence on Chesterfield and Bolsover councils in 2023.

Not to mention the preparations for a general election, which may be closer than we think!

But to achieve all that we know we can, we need you. Your help so far has elected Matt and Neil in the Dales, and helped Frank an inspiring campaign in Wingerworth, finishing 2nd to the Tory Council Leader! We have stood a record number of candidates in Derbyshire, delivered an astonishing number of leaflets and achieved an unprecedented amount of votes.

None of this could have happened without you so thank you.

By coming along to one of our action days or taking on a delivery round in your local area you are helping us to get more greens elected. As you can see from the stories in this newsletter, getting involved is fun and a great way to meet up with other Greens and make a difference in our county.

If you cannot come along to an action day, please donate. Your local party only receives a proportion of your membership fees, the rest go the central party. That means we need to fundraise regularly to run our campaigns. 

An effective Target to Win campaign for a council election costs well over £1,000. General elections are even more expensive. In Derbyshire we have seven constituencies and so will need £3,500 just for the deposits. We have to pay the local authority £500 to stand a candidate and that is before we have even considered printing leaflets or campaigning.

Starting a regular monthly donation of just £5 will go a long way to helping us make Derbyshire greener.

For details of how to make a donation, please see our website at Donate (paypal.com)

Darren Yates

Co-ordinator – Derbyshire Green Party